Nov 10th, 2010

Most of the world’s major news outlets have made their way to Android, but the Wall Street Journal was missing from that list, for some reason. It seems they were waiting on a device worthy of carrying their digital newspaper, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first device to receive that honor.

“Our strategy is to serve readers whenever, wherever, and it’s critical that the Journal’s unparalleled news and analysis are available in a high-quality format across multiple devices and platforms,” said Daniel Bernard, chief product officer for The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. “The WSJ Tablet Edition for Android continues to blend the best of print and online with an experience that showcases our strength of innovation and original delivery of content.”

Your Galaxy Tab will download the latest edition of the newspaper every morning when the physical print version gets onto the streets. This comes at a premium however: a whopping $3.99 per week. It’s not much more expensive than picking it up at a newsstand or a newsbox every morning, and to have it in digital form without having to fuss around with paper might be worth the extra charge. (And we won’t act surprised about their pricing considering you have to pay to look at content on their website, as well.)

Content on WSJ Tablet Edition for Android includes full sections from each day’s newspaper with the ability to swipe through from section to section or article to article within sections, including What’s News, Opinion, Marketplace, Money & Investing, Greater New York, Personal Journal, WSJ Weekend and WSJ. magazine. The app has been designed to download each day’s paper automatically every morning when the paper is published, resulting in more efficient download.


So if you’re the WSJ type and you have a Galaxy Tab (which has already been available in other parts of the world and is available from T-Mobile as of today), go ahead and click here to download it.

[via an.droid-life]

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