Sylvania Jumps Into the Tablet Game with $180 7-Inch MID


slyvania-7-tabletWhat do you get when you mix old versions of Android with barely there hardware? About 90 percent of the current tablets running on Google’s OS. For every Samsung Galaxy Tab — a good tablet with a lot of room for improvement — you have about ten Sylvania “7-inch MID” tablets. Android 2.1, 512MB of RAM, a most likely resistive touchscreen come coupled with a front-facing camera, microSD, and HDMI output. The thing is Wi-Fi ready at least, but don’t hold your breath on the Android Market making an appearance. For $179.99 it might be a bargain, but sometimes it pays to…pay a bit more.

[via Engadget]

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  1. No word on having a market, even on the Kmart site.

  2. I know these things are disappointing in many ways. However, to me they still have some merit.
    Not having the market is an annoyance not a deal breaker. You can “side load” APKs, right?
    Minimal (OK, pathetic) specs might be OK if you want to use it for one or two purposes but have the flexibility of using it for a few others a little bit of the time. For example it’s probably fine for book reading. Not as good as a dedicated device but more flexible than those.
    It’s also good to see that the big stores see that there’s a market for a low cost Android device. I expect the specs will get better over time. They’ll always be “old generation” but today’s Tab will become old generation at some point.
    Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
    Who cares, just take a drink!

  3. Besides the Market and the moderate specs. I think it would make a great dev device. Lets see what devs can do with this.

  4. This is why multiple markets make sense. If you can’t get Google market. Get Best Buy market. Amazon market. etc.
    Optimist: glass is half full.
    Pessimist: glass is half empty.
    Realist: glass is too large.

  5. Just bought 2 of these for my boys for xmas. It looks cool and doesn’t feel cheap in your hand like most others. It does not have access to android market which is what most of us hoped for. There is a SAM app pre installed which I assume stands for Sylvania Android Market. Small but hopefully a work in progress. Its pretty slow over all for anyone who is use to speed. But will probably be pretty cool for teens.
    The touchscreen is off somewhat and it can be annoying. Just take getting used to I guess. I paid $139 a piece. My kids always wanna use my computer for youtube and fb and browsing the web so these are perfect for that. Can’t wait to see their faces when they see em.

  6. Oh I wanted to add- Mine does not have a camera. When you tap on the camera button it takes a screen shot.

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