[Update] Motorola Backflip on AT&T Receives Android 2.1 Upgrade


[Update]: Disregard everything I’ve said below. You can not get this update over the air, but Android 2.1 is still available. (Sorry for the confusion, guys. I don’t keep up with the version numbers for this phone.) Thankfully, you guys are quick to spot our inaccuracies and one of you have tipped us with an actual link to the Android 2.1 upgrade for the BackFlip. It’s said that this page went live in err yesterday and was subsequently taken down, but is now up again for all to see. Let’s hope it stays this time. Get over to Motorola’s support site now to download it, and yes, you will need a Mac or PC to apply this update to your phone

Following the availability of the upgrade to Android 2.1 for the Motorola CLIQ on T-Mobile, Motorola’s done the same for you BackFlip users on AT&T: you can now download and install the upgrade to be stepped up to a “modern” version of Android. Check out the release notes for the upgrade to find out what you’re getting into (but I can’t imagine there’ll be more bad than good.) To find the upgrade, go to your settings menu, hit “About Phone,” then “System Updates,” then “Download.” After you’ve pulled down all of the bits you need, you’ll be prompted to install it.


[Motorola via AC]

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  1. Who, that cares about upgrading, still owns backflip? I bet it is binged out. Surprised AT&T doesn’t add Apple’s Safari while at it!!!!

  2. well they just made about 4 people happy

  3. This article has an error. You can’t upgrade to Android 2.1 the way it’s described here. You have to connect the phone to a computer. Here’s the proper procedure:

  4. “Who, that cares about upgrading, still owns backflip?”

    You know it costs a lot of money to switch phones right?

  5. @Adam I’ve gotten my instructions from Motorola’s official support site. Click through to the source link to see for yourself.

  6. That is not how they are installing it. Your instructions are not correct. Backflip owners must install it from their desktop computer, not simply going to System Updates as you stated.

  7. Actually the update restored Google Search and removed AT&T branding from a few apps like the music app. The other AT&T apps are still there, but you don’t have to ever use them. It even works with Google Navigation. Overall, it’s a huge improvement and really what should have launched on the phone in the first place. If it had, people wouldn’t bitch about the Backflip so much, despite it being a decent phone. It’s not the greatest, but for an entry-level smart phone it does the job. Hopefully it will still get a bump to 2.2/2.3 in the future to get the better Java VM. That should really boost app performance.

  8. Luis, you are clueless. Some people have relatively new backflips and are in 2 year contracts and can’t get a new phone. Also, not everyone can afford a higher end new phone as you can.

  9. I was one of the Backflip soak testers. I have been using the Backflip with 2.1 since over a week ago. There were some minor bugs, random reboots, bookmark icons reverting to generic gears icons after reboots, some minor Youtube app issues, etc. But overall it is a vast improvement.

  10. Actually, you can download the update from Motorola, put it on your MicroSD card, and then update the phone without it needing to be connected to the computer. There is another method that does require it to be connected, but as long as the update is copied to the card, you don’t need to remain connected. That’s how I updated mine. Here is the link to Motorola’s page on how to update:

  11. Quentyn, I don’t think that link is for the 2.1 upgrade. It looks like an earlier maintenance upgrade, that may or may not be required to be installed prior to the 2.1 upgrade.

  12. Quentyn Kennemer, you need to do a little more work before you make a post. The link you provided is not for this 2.1 upgrade. The link you provided was for a minor upgrade (which I installed) from earlier this summer.

  13. Quentin, I read the link and it very well says that but I think that was for the previous update. The 13.37 update is already on my Backflip and I haven’t installed 2.1 yet. Most system updates can be loaded that way but this one can’t be.

  14. Check the update. Sorry for the confusion. I’m not familiar with the version and build numbers for the BackFlip. Thankfully, we’ve been able to find the actual link for all to download and apply. Thanks for your help!

  15. The update to 2.1 for backflip IS thru the computer and not thur about phone. It is also going out in sections so you may get a no update at first. Motorola and ATT say you will get a message or email when your area is up for update, don’t believe it or wait. I updated yesterday and still no notice. Web browser is slower and having problems as I’m typing this. Not pleased with it right now. Still buggy and will need some fixes.


  17. No problem Quentyn. Sorry to mispell your name while ago too.

  18. A.L. Some apps may cause some of the problems. Reinstalling some apps may help. Also, although it is a hassle, performing a Factory Reset may also fix some of the bugs. I was one of the testers and I have had it since early last week. It is getting better and faster. I performed one factory reset which seems to have helped. They will probably send an OTA later to fix some of the bugs.

  19. The update for the Motorola Cliq works perfectly! ;-)

  20. Can anyone tell me how to post the Photo Widget to a homescreen for 2.1 backflip? When I click to add it, the program opens rather than getting added to a screen

  21. I just did the upgrade on my backflip….now its EVEN SLOWWER! hate!

  22. Can I just go to an AT&T store and have it upgraded there?

  23. My computer has said initializing device update for the past hour. Is something wrong? Has anyone else had this issue? I dont know if it does this the whole time of the download or how this works.

  24. i’ve been waiting to buy the backflip until this update came out. it’s going to be my -gasp- first android phone. i just ordered it and im stoked. i need something with a physical keyboard (hence why i dont already have an aria in my hands)

  25. Hey guys, just go straight to the motorola support website, download zip file to upgrade. It will by default save in the subfolder “downloads”. use Astro file manager to copy and paste it into the regular sd folder. Reboot phone. Upgrade complete. right from the handset. super easy.

  26. Just upgraded my Backflip. At first I tried the “online method” but that didn’t work. Then did the suggested method (copying the upgrade to the memory card) and it worked flawlessly. Much quicker than Motorola suggested. Very happy camper, the phone is much more responsive and all contacts, messages etc. are still there. The only data that got lost was stored passwords so I had to login to my various accounts again but that’s just a one time affair.
    All in all very smooth process. The perfect upgrade!

  27. @Tornadoes28, thanks for your information. Glad you are willing to help with your experience. Right now my keyboard is about 3 letters behind me and browser takes for ever to download. Overall I like the update. If I do a factory reset is that to 1.5 a d then reupdate? Thanks again

  28. FUI. ..I did a factory reset as suggested by Torandoes28 and it did help a lot. Still need a fix but helped most problems. Also reset to 2.1 with loss of downloaded apps and a few passwords, lost NO contacts, did lose speed dials I setup. Not ctoo bad or long.
    Also checked downloading 2.1 as Albert recommended, this is by far the easiest way to handle updating to 2.1.

  29. My backflip 1.5 performs better than my captivate on 2.1. i’d gladly trade the stability of moto over the sammy.

  30. So if I factory reset my phone (even though I do have the update saved to my SD) will it reset and keep the 2.1 on my phone and I wont have to re-download it?

  31. I’m having trouble even updating my Backflip. I did everything I was supposed to and still, it wont work. What the hell!

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