Nov 10th, 2010

[Update]: Disregard everything I’ve said below. You can not get this update over the air, but Android 2.1 is still available. (Sorry for the confusion, guys. I don’t keep up with the version numbers for this phone.) Thankfully, you guys are quick to spot our inaccuracies and one of you have tipped us with an actual link to the Android 2.1 upgrade for the BackFlip. It’s said that this page went live in err yesterday and was subsequently taken down, but is now up again for all to see. Let’s hope it stays this time. Get over to Motorola’s support site now to download it, and yes, you will need a Mac or PC to apply this update to your phone

Following the availability of the upgrade to Android 2.1 for the Motorola CLIQ on T-Mobile, Motorola’s done the same for you BackFlip users on AT&T: you can now download and install the upgrade to be stepped up to a “modern” version of Android. Check out the release notes for the upgrade to find out what you’re getting into (but I can’t imagine there’ll be more bad than good.) To find the upgrade, go to your settings menu, hit “About Phone,” then “System Updates,” then “Download.” After you’ve pulled down all of the bits you need, you’ll be prompted to install it.


[Motorola via AC]

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