Yahoo Updates Messenger & Mail for Android, Here Comes Video Chat



Yahoo has dropped some pretty major updates to their Android apps bringing them up to speed with their iOS services and adding in some much needed innovations and improvements to Messenger and Mail. The thing most will talk about is the addition of video chat support, though it is currently only available in a limited capacity. Both new versions require Android 2.2, and video chat requires Messenger with an additional video chat add-on and currently only works with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G and HTC EVO 4G.

Both apps now integrate with your Android address book and feature polished interfaces and revamped notifications. Learn more at the source link below and download with the QR codes.

[via Yahoo]

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  1. Methinks the title should be “Yahoo updates…”

  2. Confusing title, should say “Yahoo updates…”

  3. Might want to fix article title :)

    Besides that, thanks for the update. Will work well on my Vibrant.

  4. Agree with Derek and Josh, I was hoping the announcement was for GMail and GTalk. Sadly disappointed.

  5. Fix the headline. I started to get excited, i thought you were talking about the stock messaging app. haha

  6. Me too! I was so disappointed when I read the article :(

  7. people still use yahoo?

  8. Yes misleading title… Who care what yahoo does??

  9. I was also confused by the title when I read the headline in @PhandDroid’s twitter feed. Oh well, any app updates on Android is always good to read about.

  10. Damn, I got all excited… BOO Yahoo!

  11. On a slightly different note, I downloaded the update for Yahoo Mail, and it will not support “bizmail” (yahoo plus). So now my yahoo mail will not work at all! How do I revert back to the older version? Sooo frustrating!

  12. Ok, if Samsung/Sprint doesn’t release Froyo soon, I’m going to shit tiny little baby kittens. I paid for the best-rated phone in the world and I expect Samsung to deliver their end of the bargain.

  13. yahoo messenger is still pretty big in other parts of the world… that i can’t say about gtalk. anyway, for those interested, video chat works on my n1, streak and the wife’s ifon.

  14. thats great
    Yahoo is a FAR better web mail app than gmail, which is ugly, underpowered but fast… thats all you could say positive about gmail im afraid!

  15. I downloaded the app on my Evo and did video chat with my wife in Miami and I am in California it work very good video and audio then I did a video chat with my son Evo and just excellent.

  16. By the way my wife using my t-mobile MT4G

  17. Does this fix the fact that when you’re on WiFi yahoo mail is inoperable?

  18. Anybody knows how to manual update the mytouch3g please.

  19. To froyo 2.2

  20. the Video Chat doesnt “ONLY” work on mytouch4g and EVO. I had no problems using it on my G2 just without the FFC. And yes!! people still use yahoo. I have since the 90s.

  21. have they added alias support in yahoo messenger yet? that makes no since that u cant log in with an alias on yahoo messenger. considering this one is made by yahoo you would think they would support that. im tired of having to use 3rd party apps to log in with an alias. which keeps my phone from sleeping all the time. im sure some of u would ask why u would wanna log in with an alias? and the reason is it doesnt include ur email address. so it helps keep the spam down.

  22. Video chat on Yahoo Messenger is awesome. Just downloaded today and have been using it with my netbook for testing. Nice to know that ppl can now video call my Evo via yahoo messenger anytime.

  23. This is the best video chat app, in my opinion, out for the EVO. It works pretty well, there is obvioulsy room for improvement (it is in beta afterall), but as an initial impression, it’s kick ass.

  24. it used to work on 2.1 when first released. whats the problem now? limited to 2 phones when it used to work one most. thumbs down yahoo

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