T-Mobile’s Tab Pricing is Officially Official



We knew what the pricing was going to be already, this just confirms it in pretty picture format. Interesting to note is that the unsubsidized pricing is $100 less than what can be found on Amazon. Which is not usually the case. I suppose that’s good news for those of you who wanted to wait; for the rest of you, sorry. Note that I tried to revisit the link to the Amazon page for the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab and got a 404.

A little bit of conspiracy theory here. I was talking with some of my former co-workers(yes, I used to work for Magenta) and the Samsung representative and they claim that they are purposefully under stocking Galaxy Tabs until the holiday season. I asked why, but I really didn’t need to. “To build excitement for the product”. I seem to recall HTC trying that very same approach with the HD2, it didn’t work out too well for them. Sure, we were always sold out for the first month, but 75% of them were returned. No, I’m not exaggerating that number.

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  1. oh I hope they don’t pull that understocking BS. It’s bad enough that we have to wait until after the holidays for tablets from HTC and Motorola.

  2. Eh, I can’t say that I see this as being worth the wait. If anything, that will backfire on them as I’m sure something bigger and better will get announced while we all wait for stock to come back in. Dangerous game that one is.

  3. When is the Wi-Fi version coming?

  4. @OMG
    there is a wi-fi version?!?!

  5. @Reap there is a WiFi version, but won’t be here until 2011 according to Samsung.

  6. I don’t see anything special about the galaxy tab. Sure it’s rather portable, but it’s got the same specs as my Galaxy S. I would much rather wait for the Notion Ink Adam, IF they ever release that :/

  7. I knew people were overreacting to the $700 that Amazon was charging. Despite what the writer of this article says, when it comes to off-contract pricing, Amazon always charges more for cellular devices. Amazon only gives a good deal to devices on contract because they get a kickback from the service provider.

  8. It’s BS, these prices are not set by Samsung. In Korea, it’s $300 with $20/month data plan. The carriers nerfed the phone capabilities and altered pricing. In Europe wireless plans with data are sometimes 50% less than they are here. I thought it was Samsung setting the outrageous prices, but it’s not.


    300,000 won is actually $270. This is with the phone functionality intact.

  9. At less than $300 with phone functionality this is an instant hit. I don’t understand what is happening here in the US, but this sucks.

  10. this is so cool. TMobile ruined my Vibrant a couple days ago by “accidentally” sending it a flawed update OTA, then the 2 times i called tech support they told me to “wait for Froyo it will fix it”, of course they couldnt even tell me if froyo is definitely coming in 2010. So yeah i definitely trust them and cant wait to purchase more of their products. Why doesnt TMobile just throw in the towel and let the 3 REAL carriers take over their contracts? Its only fair, and now they want to charge by tier and charge for tethering, werent their cheap prices supposed to make up for the fact that their phones are based on gimmicks instead of specs and the fact that you cant get service in buildings or outside a city’s limits? Dont they realize they arent in the same league with the 3 major US carriers? just asking…

  11. A phone I was looking at in my local store is $180. On Amazon, the same phone is $200. All the touch screen feature phones are priced the same way. I blame T-Mobile for not giving Amazon a big enough resale discount.

    The early leaked price for the Tab at T-Mobile was $650. I’m glad to see they brought it into line with the other guys.

    I would’ve bought it for $599 if it had 16gb of onboard memory, but I’m not paying that if it only has 2gb, even if it comes with a 16gb card. And certainly not if it has a micro-sim. The only thing that made this tolerable was that I could swap the sim from my phone.

    Rich, you’re including Sprint in the “big 3”, the company that lost millions of dollars this year?

  12. That’s weird tmobile.com says 600. If u click the galaxy tab details and read the fine print it says approved credit 150 down and three monthly payments of 150 after that

  13. @rich

    I think you have it all wrong. I have tried all 4 carriers and find T-Mobile the best for many reasons.
    Let’s first start with AT&T. On AT&T, I had too many dropped calls and it is expensive. Add to it they crippled Android. Also, they charge ridiculously for tethering and they don’t have unlimited plans and paid tethering doesn’t give you 1 byte more. AT&T is just too expensive for what they offer. If AT&T didn’t have the iPhone, they would be behind Sprint.
    As for Verizon, I find their 3G the slowest for all the carriers. Occasionally, I will find an area with great coverage. Those all seem to be near their stores. My father’s house is a dead zone (which they say they don’t have) and it is an older suburb that has good coverage from the other carriers. Their customer service is average (polite and very business-like). I find that Verizon is consistently average. It does nothing very well (except for their coverage area which is the best), but it doesn’t do anything very bad either.
    As for Sprint, I find they had the best overall 3G service; but heaven forbid you have to call their customer service. They are polite and friendly, but it took me 11 calls to resolve an issue (a third of those calls got disconnected when they transferred my call to someone else). I kept getting transferred back and forth before I found a customer service rep who actually knew what she was doing. Sprint also has excellent pricing and their coverage is second to Verizon.
    As for T-Mobile, their coverage is not great outside of metropolitan areas. They don’t have the coverage of Sprint or Verizon. However, I have noticed I am getting very fast service near my home (around 2-3 Mbps download speed) in an area that is not yet officially HSPA+. Their customer service is second to none – very polite (and friendly, able to resolve issues quickly, and go out of their way to help you. As for phones, T-Mobile is a bit lacking, but the addition of the T-Mobile G2 and My Touch 4G are changing that. It should also be noted that they were the first carrier to support Android. Also, I have a Nexus One and have had free tethering for months at no extra charge. If you recall, T-Mobile was the only carrier to officially allow the Nexus One on their network (Google had special pricing for T-Mobile, but not for AT&T). T-Mobile has great pricing especially their Even More Plus plans.

    As for your problem, I know that all the carriers have done bad things with OTAs. A co-worker of mine had his Samsung Captivate bricked by an OTA update. He had to wait over a week for a replacement. AT&T would not replace it with a new phone because his phone was more than 30 days old (and he was barely over that limit). At least your Vibrant still seems to work. Perhaps the flaw you had was the fault of Samsung and not T-Mobile. Also, you can’t expect them to give you a date for an update. I know we would all like that, but you would think worse if they missed that date. I am sure they are probably going to do more extensive testing to make sure this update is right.

  14. @rich, if you don’t like the non-real carrier, then jump ship, kiddo. It’s a free country.

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