Samsung UK Confirms Galaxy S Froyo Rollout


Yesterday, a few of you guys tipped us off to some strange goings-on in Kies: your phone was actually being updated to Android 2.2! (I kid, I kid.) But seriously, a few of you non-tinkering Kies users were surprised to see that you were being prompted to download the official upgrade to Android 2.2. We were a little bit surprised considering Samsung originally gave us a window of mid-November.


Yesterday, they confirmed that the update’s been pushed out early and that everyone in the UK will have it before the end of this month. That’s awesome news! Now what about everyone else, Samsung?

[Samsung via AC]

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  1. now how long till the other news outlets pick this up and drop the uk part and 1/2 the galaxy owners in the us think its coming down the pipe


  3. For us Linux users?

  4. whats a froyo?

  5. Froyo = American slang for frozen yogurt

    its also the name for the latest android os version 2.2

  6. Man, it’s god damn sad that we’re sitting here 6 months later and still asking for Froyo. FFS.

  7. Looking forward to this though update, though my war against Kies continues.

    @wello, good luck I doubt they thought of linux when they decided to blight the world with Kies. You could try Odin through wine

  8. @Bobbert. Froyo is the codename for the OS update. Epic is running Eclair right now 2.1.

    I have a question for everyone else. What is the codename for 1.0 and 1.1 A and B. I got my G1 with 1.1 then I heard out about Cupcake but don’t know what A And B stood for?

  9. Alpha > Beta > Cupcake

    So UK by the end of Nov… weeks to a month later the US will get an announcement saying “FroYo is now rolling out and everyone will have it by the end of FUCKING JANUARY”

    WTFFFFFFF is so different that does not let the US start the update in NOVEMBER??? It will be a miracle if it starts this month.

  10. I like my hacked up i9000 version of FROYO on my Captivate. It is Awesome, and much faster than any US build I’ve used.

  11. but what about the rest of the Europe (Central European Countries?)

  12. The US is a pretty significant market so why don’t these updates come here at the latest when they come to European markets?

  13. The sad thing is, I see a post this morning saying that Gingerbread will hit on Nov. 11th. That means that all of our “high end” Galaxy phones will now be TWO versions behind.

  14. This doesn’t say a lot for Samsung and AT&T in the US that we are still waiting. I read today that Droid X is getting 2.2.1 and here I am still waiting for 2.2 on my Captivate. Samsung puts out the best Android phone on the market – I love my Captivate…then AT&T stalls on the update.

    AT&T, get your act together!

  15. I was prompted to do an ota update 20 minutes ago. I already have the Vibrant gps fix, so I was thinking “Hey, surprise Froyo”. Unfortunately all I have noticed so far is my swype keyboard not working…had to switch to android keyboard. Anyone else? when I hit a key on swype a blue border appears around entire keypad.

  16. From what I’ve read, Samsung is not going to bother releasing Froyo to it’s Galaxy S users because Gingerbread is right around the corner. They’re planning to forego 2.2 altogether and go straight to 2.3.

  17. Default reset fixed the phone, apparently the OTA providing more gps fixes and mobi tv fixes, I was on phone with T-mobile. I’ll rake gingerbread.

  18. @Hunter Same here. I’ve looked online for any info on this update but got nothing.
    Here’s what I’ve noticed is different:
    “Task Manager” app and shorcut (long press home) removed
    “HD camcorder” shortcut removed
    YouTube app back to previous version.
    Browser options when pressing menu back to previous version.
    Skype doesn’t work (also had to switch keyboard.)
    I checked maps and the GPS is still not as accurate as my old G1.

    I haven’t noticed any improvements but also no FCs or much lag.

    Can someone verify this info on their vibrant too?
    Any other changes?

    Stock vibrant
    baseband …VJFD

  19. Everything seems to be running smoother.. is it just me?

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