Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta Being Launched November 9th


Opera promised that it’d be here within a month (they actually said within “this” month back in October, but we won’t dock points for that), and we’ve just learned that Opera Mobile should be headed to Android November 9th. (That’s in 4 days, by the way.) They’ve announced that hardware acceleration will be enabled in the final version of Opera, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be in this version of the beta (just as Opera’s Phillip Gronvold suggested it might not.)

opera mobile android

And they’re also giving you a chance to win one of two new Android phones by entering their wallpaper contest. Click here for more on that if you’re interested. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I’ve always been excited by the browser wars on desktop, and now the Android front is finally starting to come to fruition. Dolphin, Xscope, and Firefox better be on their A-game.

[via Opera]

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  1. Dolphin HD 4, Fennec, Opera Mobile… The android browser scene is getting better and better : )

  2. Really looking forward to this.
    I’ve always been a massive fan of opera both on desktop and mobile. Love the mobile interface – very simple and clean. Really hope it’s as fast as the other browsers out there. It would also be awesome if it included the Opera Turbo feature of the desktop version (where images are compressed through opera’s servers before being rendered on screen).

  3. Also, I hope that there is an option to open links in background tabs – this feature is missing in Opera Mini, and it’s a bit annoying to be honest.

  4. YES! YES! YES!

    Lutin — that’s generally how Opera Mini works, so we can but hope.

  5. Can’t wait. I loves Opera on WM back on my Omnia. Right now, Dolphin HD is my browser of choice. Xscope is second and stock is third. Hopefully I’ll have a new primary.

  6. Nice. Ever since I saw that demo video I’ve been waiting for an announcement.

  7. Its no longer going to be BETA, so fix that.

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