Motorola Defy Goes Deep Sea Diving, Doesn’t Flinch


Not that we didn’t already know the Defy was waterproof (and, as Motorola likes to call it, “life proof”), but if you didn’t believe it yourself, perhaps this clip will change your mind. Vincent from Android Community took his Motorola Defy and decided to go for a little swim in his backyard.

Not only did the phone not break, but it worked as perfectly under water as it would anywhere as he captured the entire stunt in 720p footage on the phone itself. The Motorola Defy doesn’t just resist the harsh effects of earth, it completely and utterly disregards them. It’s out now for $99 at T-Mobile if you haven’t already heard.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. A cellphone for pervs who want to video people in their bathing suit “secretly” in the pool.

  2. Man I would fool a lot of people with that phone. Drop it in the pool, in the sink… in the toilet. Well maybe not the toilet.

  3. I accidentally went swimming with my MyTouch3G once. It was underwater for at least 5 minutes before I realised. I took it out (the screen had turned off,unsurprisingly), but I ripped the battery straight out. Left it to dry for a few days, tried it, no luck. Then I noticed the battery was slightly bulging. I bought a new battery £6 on ebay) and voila, it now works again, right as rain! I was very impressed.

  4. @DanGrover The MyTouch is pretty durable. I was at a baseball game and a foul ball was coming straight at me. Of course I had my phone in my hand and as I went to catch the ball I forgot to stick it in my pocket. The ball bounced off my MT3G and I dropped the phone and the ball 3 rows forward. When I got my phone back, it was working perfectly. I have also dropped it several dozen times, as I am a klutz, and it keeps on ticking.

  5. Why couldn’t AT&T get a good phone like this??

  6. At $99, I don’t think it’s a good phone…

  7. this thing is perfect for your dumbass teenagers who keep fucking there phones up. here asshole. its a mobile TANK. now stfu and pass the school year or ill kick your sorry ass lol

  8. if it had decent specs this would be the perfect phone. i wish every phone was built to take on the world like this.

  9. Great. and it will get an update when hell freezes over.

  10. Hmmm… a phone that might be ME resistant. I may look into something like this if I ever kill my Droid.

  11. @AL
    LOL that you would ask about AT&T getting a good phone. Tell me another one.

  12. I really like this phone. The size is nice the durability is great, but the processor and carrier suck. Maybe verizon could get an upgraded version some day?

  13. The reason they’ll never release a phone that’s both durable like the Defy and uber-specced is that it’ll be too hard to kill when it eventually becomes sentient.

  14. What makes the defy unique is that it can operate in “extreme” conditions. Most electronic devices can take getting wet, they just need to be dried out completely before one tries to use them again. This of course is pointless knowing that most accidents that get the device wet will be when electrical energy is being supplied to it, which is what kills it.

    So Electronics + Water = Not Great, but usually okay (dry first!)

    Electricity + Water = Bad

    Common misconception

  15. Seconded T-Keith, although I’d like it with Droid 2 (Milestone 2, because I live in the UK) internals. However if the build quality of my milestone is anything to go by, the Defy will be like the Top Gear Hi-Lux. Indestructable!

  16. Just note that the IP67 rating for this phone is only for water resistance to 1m for 30 minutes. It’s gone beyond that depth in the video and still survived. Not sure you’d want to push that water resistant capabilities though as they’d probably have ways of finding out the depth the phone was when it failed :)

    I guess for most of us, this would be the likely scenario.


    It’s done by those Phonehouse guys from Germany, who have also done the “slobbery dog” test and shallow drop into water (at the bottom of a sailboat).

  17. @Idiot You said, “A cellphone for pervs who want to video people in their bathing suit “secretly” in the pool.” Who the fu*$ would say something like this, I guess we all know where your mind is.

  18. idioit im gonna stick defy up ur ass to see if its anti-gravity resistant

  19. Well… I bought the defy… a month later, the ear speaker goes dead… works on loudspeaker and earphones only… manufacturing defect… it’s all over the web now! Now the very unhelpful guys at motorola support say that they will repair the phone free of charge but will not ship me back my phone since I out of the UK… so I need to pay the cost of shipping to them and back… I HATE MOTOROLA!!!

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