Sprint Offering the LG Optimus S November 7th for $49.99 After Rebates


Sprint’s announced pricing and availability for the low-end LG Optimus S. Starting November 7th, you’ll be able to grab the charcoal version of the device with the purple one coming exactly two weeks later. You’ll have to throw down $149.99 initially, but a $100 mail-in rebate knocks the overall price down to $49.99, just as Sprint’s promised. This phone is not to be taken lightly just because of its price. We played with the Optimus S at CTIA, and it really does perform for its price and the market it’s aimed at. Be sure to grab a look at this thing here, and if it’s something you see yourself wanting to carry, get your wallets ready.


[via Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Look to be a good phone, better than the Sanyo zio at half the price. Sprint really has a large midrange android selection now( transform, Zio, intercept, and now this). If only they had a smaller high end phone like the HTC incredible.

  2. isn’t the same exact phone coming out for tmobile? they’re offering it free, iirc. why is sprint charging 50 bucks more?

  3. Wow, they completely copped the Nexus One case design

  4. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy Apollo but I like the look of this one much better. Unfortunately it is not offered and does not work on Telus like the Galaxy Apollo is

  5. I’d love to get this phone to hold me over until something better comes out. If the Nexus S/2 isn’t announced and coming to Sprint on the 8th, I think I’ll get this. Does anyone know what the off-contract price is for this phone? I don’t know if I want to waste my upgrade on this – I could pay full price if it’s not too high and then use my upgrade in 6 months or so to get the next big thing.

  6. @ Phoenix

    The Sprint version will have a tempered glass screen and include additional buttons for the camera and voice dialing.

  7. If you go to radio shack and are wanting a new contract through sprint you can get that LG Optimus S for free when u sign up for a new contract…..I just talk to them today

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