Samsung Today: Galaxy S Froyo Update, New Galaxy Player with Froyo, Wi-Fi Direct Certified S, Galaxy Tab Contest



A round of news regarding Samsung and their Galaxy S line this morning. First up: the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 is now recognized as a Wi-Fi Direct certified device. The Samsung Galaxy S is the first smartphone to be awarded the label, just as they were with other technologies built into the phone. A Wi-Fi Direct Certified device allows you to easily connect, share, and sync to other devices with the tag. The list of devices it joins is rather short, but a deserved “hoorah” for them, regardless.

Next up: we’re hearing reports that the “official” upgrade to Android 2.2 for the UK version of the Galaxy S is starting to roll out, and a couple of users have already received the upgrade which we didn’t expect to see until next week. (We’re not counting those who got it by tinkering with Kies.) It’s also been stated that the South Korean model will get the upgrade next week. We don’t imagine most of Europe will be left out around this time, and there’s no word on if anyone in North America will be able to enjoy the ice cold treat soon.

Not to be left out, a new version of the Galaxy Player with Froyo has been spotted thanks to certifications from DLNA and DivX. We’re not sure if this is supposed to replace the current Galaxy Player with 2.1 or if they’ll sit side by side, but the latter scenario doesn’t sound like it would make much sense at all unless the Froyo version comes with a significant difference in specs or features. We’ll keep an eye out for anything more that pops up.

Finally, go win yourself 1 of 100 Samsung Galaxy Tabs from Samsung! All you have to do is make a video response to Samsung’s contest video asking “What does feeling free mean to you?” If you’re creative enough, you could be walking away with today’s hottest Android tablet. You have until November 23rd, so you’d best get crackin’. Head on over to Samsung’s YouTube page for more.

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  1. Us in the U.S. will never see Froyo at this pace. Seems that thefrign phone is being “certified” for everything under the sun, but here we sit, the biggest buyers of the Galaxy S and nothing nada…. not even a it’s coming in a few weeks…. Corporations suck!!!

  2. Upgrading to the new 2.2 in Norway now also, officially without any tinkering with Kies.

  3. That’s the main reason why I stick to Vanilla Android phones. Especially HTC ones cause they do get the updates faster.

  4. jp? HTC is nowhere NEEEER vanilla, it is the farthest thing from it

  5. Wow, I totally got my hopes up for nothing :(

  6. Waiting for updates in NA is getting old. Really old. Plenty of other newer phones here are getting Froyo, but we don’t even have a an official time frame to work with here. None that I’ve seen anyway. I know I can fix the issue with rooting and installing custom roms and stuff, but I don’t want to risk bricking my phone and I’m not interested in the available tweaks otherwise.

    It’s making me regret getting a Samsung Captivate. I don’t think I’ll ever get another Samsung device where Samsung is providing the updates. HTC seems to work a lot faster with updates.

    Granted, I’m assuming this is Samsung’s fault. If it’s AT&T’s fault, then it’s a different story (with much less hate for Samsung).

  7. @Covert_Death HTC has made more vanilla phones than any other manufacture I can think of. G1/dream, Mytouch3g/Magic, N1,G2/Desire Z.. The only vanilla Samsung so far was the Moment

  8. Actually, HTCs G1 is vanilla and HTCs Nexus 1 is vanilla. Soooo…you fail.

  9. And the Acclaim. And the original Galaxy. And the Transform. I’m probably missing a couple of others.

  10. Did anyone really expect Samsung to delight with its rapid updates? I’m afraid to say it, but if you were paying attention, you shouldn’t be surprised.
    Samsung’s record on updates with its previous Android offerings was nothing short of abysmal. Frankly, the fact that the Galaxy S series launched on Eclair after FroYo’s release didn’t bode well, either.
    At least Samsung’s still promising that all Galaxy S models will receive the update. That’s something to be happy about, as it’s a dramatic improvement from what they’ve done in the past.

  11. Us Epic 4G owners are getting so screwed when it comes to Froyo updates… :(

  12. Samsung is KNOWN for their lame product support and taking forever to release updates if at all..

    Its the main reason I didn’t get the phone despite the awesome hardware inside.

    So if you did buy this phone you got what you asked for..Nothing! lol

  13. Actually I’m starting to get tired of the hype around the Galaxy Tab. Just get it here already and let’s get it over with.


  14. why dont you guys just root instead of complaining? so easy and you can always revert if your *truly* worried about warranty (and not just using it as an excuse). why limit your phone?

  15. Actually Rick James I got what I asked for with my Vibrant. I didn’t buy my phone because it could get Froyo. I was coming from a BB and wanted an Android device and the Vibrant was coming out and I’m happy with my decision. Froyo will be available when it is available. I’m not overly concerned with it like some people are.

  16. Why complain about Froyo when so many others have had to deal with 2.2 bugs, security patches and whatnot over the past month or so? I’m actually glad Samsung and/or Verizon are waiting to push it out until they’re absolutely sure it’ll be bug free. It won’t be long now!

  17. Are there any custom 2.2 ROMs for the Galaxy S International yet? I’ve been hanging around Cyanogenmod forums, but they’re going nowhere.

  18. Right because 2.1 doesn’t have any bugs!

  19. I bought my galaxy s phone for the hardware only. I already knew that I was going to root it and put 2.2 custom roms on it.

    I’ve practically had froyo the first half hour after opening my galaxy box.

    I can’t help but think that some people just don’t understand what the freedom to customize their phones means…

  20. @curlant

    Goto XDA forums. Google it. Should find a link from there.

  21. Damn there are lot of stupid ass dumbasses here. Good job Sammy.

  22. yeah, too many dumbass kids. For those that are over 25, it is clearly visible the tactics Samsung is using in their latest devices. I can’t believe it but it is freakin working. Samsung is outselling and out maneuvering other tech companies. The giant it seems has waken.

  23. @Curiant

    Dude check out

    they really know wth there doing when it comes to custom Roms for the Galaxy S. Ive yet to see a device match mine in performance and easu of use after i slapped Bionix Fusion on it. wicked fast and 26 hrs on a single charge? yea definitely worth looking into IMO.

    Plus There releasing Froyo in the coming weeks.

  24. Give Sprint, I’d say, around the end of December for the update. They like to delay the release of major updates until the moment before a new phone is released that displaces it. It really pisses me off how Sprint handles things like this. Hopefully Google will throw their weight around and make it a virtually forced upgrade by requiring 2.2 or higher for a lot more functionality. That would be a good way to keep manufacturers and carriers from dragging their feet on this kind of stuff.

  25. Hmmm @ Mutiny32 The Evo got the FROYO update a long time ago…so before you bad mouth sprint…Aim those comments at the phones maker…It’s obviously not a Sprint issue…. When the Galaxy S was announced ALLLLLL OVVVEEEERRRRR THHHEEEE INTERNET everyone said…dont get a Samsung phone…they suck with updates…and even though Sammy promised that they were going to keep their flagship set of smartphones updated…look whats happening… Sorry but if it aint HTC or Motorola…theres no point in expecting updates in a timely manner…and the Nexus 1 is king of updates…I really wanted that phone to come to sprint…oh well the Evo has been great…

  26. All the HTC Snapdragon phones got quick Froyo updates because Google did ALL THE HARD WORK for that chipset.

    All HTC had to do was make sure Senseless didn’t break anything, make sure the various radio types worked, fellate a few carriers, and voila, it’s done.

  27. @jouten, @Aeok18109, and others who have loaded custom ROMS,
    Did that have any effect on gps accuracy for the hapless Captivate? Or is that likely a hardware problem that just won’t ever go away on those handsets that got bad chips? Any guesses?

  28. I was starting to get excited, until I read the article. Thanks for your commitment to non-commitment Samsung.

  29. This is turning into a nightmare, samsung please understand that your shit PC sync software should not control a FW update.

    OTA works really well thank you

  30. im in the uk, synced with kies and no effing update to 2.2.

    does anyone know when its coming, its all over the net as being rolled out today but not on effing kies

  31. hey smc & jc…not everyone wants to root their phones so stop being so fucking condesending!

  32. Even with root there us no froyo for the fascinate. Not even with custom roms.. No bootable froyo kernel.

  33. Same with the Vibrant as with many other NA Galaxies. Froyo is available via root, but it is incredibly BAD. Data will not stay connected primarily, but a host of other problems as well. Without a release from Samsung, it will remain bad. I really enjoy how Samsung gives everyone the middle finger when it comes to updates.

  34. Do you have to reinstall apps after this update?

  35. @tigerpaw
    I haven’t had a problem with my gps, but I have seen people state that they have had their issues resolved with the use of these custom roms.

  36. I tried the ‘regedit’ trick a few weeks back, and now all I get whenever I try to update via Kies is the message ‘This device’s version cannot be updated’. Can anyone tell me what this means and can anyone help.

    PS: I am stuck on 2.1 update 1, in the UK with an unlock phone on the vodafone network


  37. You may find Samsung Epic 4G at Sprint, Samsung Fascinate at Verizon, Samsung Captivate at AT&T, Samsung Galaxy S at US Cellular and Samsung Vibrant at T-Mobile.
    To make a difference, the Galaxy S from each carries name the device in different name and offer different plans, storage and keyboard style.Full article in this article :

  38. “Samsung is KNOWN for their lame product support and taking forever to release updates if at all..

    Its the main reason I didn’t get the phone despite the awesome hardware inside.

    So if you did buy this phone you got what you asked for..Nothing! lol”

    @Rick James: And you got more with… what? Hardware is the name of the game with the Galaxy S. No one who knew what they were doing bought the phone for its software. Soon enough there’ll be a custom rom with a OC to 1.6Ghz making the quadrant bench for this phone over 30k. Not that I care so much for the numbers, but that is just so much more than any other current phone can manage (OC’d or not). Back when I was running 2.1 a simple lag fix got me over 21,000. Anyways, you’re wrong.

    Also @ others: where I live 2.2 through Kies has been available nearly a month now… I would imagine that it isn’t Samsung’s fault you don’t have the update, but your individual carriers. I don’t see why Samsung would hold back the update and annoy you all since they have had it done for quite some time now.

  39. I am in the UK and I bought the Galaxy S. I do not regret it the hardware is brilliant. The software is good, but there is better. I have had to work and find fixes with my wifi and I also had to cheat KIES to get 2.2. Which is now working beautifully. I think this is not a good phone for someone who does not want to tussel with the software. But for those that have the inclination the hardware can not be better in my opinion and the phone can actually be made to work well if you invest sometime into it. Given my current experience if they keep up their game with screen tech then I would buy another Samy phone in the future

  40. @ToastnJam For the people who don’t want to root don’t complain about no options! With the Galaxy S it’s almost impossible to brick your phone unless you try to put the wrong galaxy s rom on it and then it’s even hard to brick.

  41. Given the months-long wait for Froyo on the Galaxy S, not to mention the bugs in 2.1 on my phone, there’s no chance I’ll be buying a Galaxy Tab. iPad for me.

  42. Really, when AT&T upgraded me to the captivate free of charge the first thing I did was check the specs. Samsungs own site says upgradeable, with no timeframe. And you stupid whores bought it anyway. Keep your panties dry and wad free, give the development time to happen. Who cares if you never buy Sammy’s again, I just want your asinine comments to go away. Grow up Samsung didn’t do it to ruin your stupid life.

  43. I’m running a Captivate Samsung with Froyo (yes I got the beta release and it works just fine!!) No custom roms (YET) for it, but I expect some out soon. All you lamers complaing about no Froyo didn’t look in the right place or have the balls needed.
    Samsung’s BETA is running with no problems on my phone, rooted, and a LOT of AT&T’s bloatware has been ripped out. Even Rom manager runs on this shit (The for the bootmanager is recognized but not signed correcty, and I’m working on fixing that too!)
    Quit yer bitchin….Samsung may be slow on updates, but they’re open source, they let you play in THEIR damn source and will even tell ya how to compile their shit….OOOOOO…I smell easy customization here!!!
    Let Motorola or HTC have the balls to do even THAT.
    Bunch of haters!

  44. still no update via kies for samsung galaxy s on 3 network

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