Droid Online Workshop November 8


Verizon is giving Droid owners a chance to elevate their Android game in an online workshop.
droid workshop

If you want to register, but hate typing, here you go: http://www.verizonwireless.com/wirelessworkshops

Possible topics to be discussed?

  • Task Killers: Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
  • iPhone Will Eat Your Soul, But Not The iPad
  • Tethering, It Works Better When You Pay For It
  • 2.3 Is Only .1 Better Than 2.2, BFD

What else will they talk about?

[via DroidLife]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Hopefully NOT task killers, the most retarded thing (meme) to start on the whole Android platform.

  2. LOL…

    One other topic:
    -Bing is better than Google.

  3. I think this is the right time to release the next Google phone.
    Android is a lot more popular now than it was when Nexus One made its debut.
    And people are fed up of waiting for updates to make it on their cellphones. I’m sure they would appreciate what a Google phone could deliver (in terms of timely updates minus the crapwares that are making it on smartphones)

  4. The funny thing is most Verizon Customers would not need task killers if Verizon stopped adding their bloatware to their Android Phones

  5. Didn’t they just release the g2?

  6. @dom – g2 is not Google phone. In the rest of the world it is loaded with HTC Sense.

  7. I own the G2 and like Zed said it isn’t a pure android experience phone but it is pretty darn close,

  8. vz navigator is much better than the free google navigation your phone came with. please pay an additional $9.99 a month.

    vzw app store coming out soon. select apps like vz navigator and bing will only be available in the vzw app store. please stop purchasing from android market.

    We will be pushing 5 additional useless apps to your phone like USA Bowling Mobile, guide to knitting, and battery-drainer plus pro to your phone in the coming weeks. Please attend the training class for instructions on correct download and use.

    Rooting: Even though congress says it cannot void your warranty. VZW owns congress, sooooo it does.

  9. An android task killer is more useless than a zune hd

  10. or a third nipple

  11. i HATE trying to explain to people that task killers break your phone. UGH! I work in an indirect store and am probably one of the only people to reps vzw that tells you NOT to download the effing thing. PET PEEVE, pisses me off.

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