Droid Incredible Maintenance Upgrade on its way Starting Nov. 8th


Sure, you don’t have the accessories that were promised to you, but at least your phone still works. And being the responsible duo they are, Verizon and HTC want to make sure your phone continues to work and add new features as they’ve got a maintenance upgrade headed your way sometime soon. You should expect version 3.26.605.1 starting Nov. 8th. Read ahead for the full list of changes.


  • Updated Flash Player with security enhancements
  • Visual Voice Mail Wifi improvements and removal of incorrect service messages and post-call notifications
  • Better support for Yahoo IMAP e-mail
  • Update to Slacker Radio app
  • You can attach files larger than 5MB
  • Updated Cox POP3 e-mail settings
  • Updated Comcast POP3 e-mail settings
  • Play YouTube videos in the YouTube app (that’s new?)
  • Seamlessly switch between portrait/landscape in Google Maps
  • Search key and other buttons displayed in the correct order (what’s the wrong order?)
  • VCAT app lets you bill apps to your Verizon account

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  1. I’ll just keep my Skyraider Sense build, thanks.

  2. wow, riveting stuff in this update. i’ll be waiting with bated breath.

  3. That’s great and all but it time for me to upgrade. And FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m annoyed there’s no update regarding ActiveExchange Sync. Ever since my 2.2 update I can’t connect to the Exchange server here at work, and have had to use TouchDown (which I don’t like NEARLY as much as the native support). Totally blows. The Verizon guy told me an update was coming soon and said there might be a solution for me built into it. Guess not.

  5. I mean Exchange ActiveSync. :)

  6. The only maintenance release I need, is the one that fixes the bump charge requirement to get anywhere near decent battery life.

  7. @jeffreyrr

    I’m with you how about a little help with this awful battery life I dont make it to 4 o’clock on a regular charge.

  8. @jeffreyrr @flatline5 I bit the bullet and bought an extended life battery and installed it this morning. phone powered up at 7am, it is now 11:15am and I am at 95% still. It seems like I am getting much better life out of this battery than the original.

  9. i hope they fix the charging issue that was created in the 2.2 upgrade. doing heavy web surfing uses more power that charging while plugged in to power. angry birds drains the battery bad while plugged into power..

  10. @romma
    what size did you go with? I think this will be the path I need to take because my Droid Inc won’t make it a third of the day with the heavy usage I put it through.

  11. 1750mah at 90% now at 12:45 from 7:am…

  12. I’m tempted by the 1750mah Seidio battery, but I’ve heard that after a few months the capacity drops so much that it’s barely worth it over the stock battery.

    But the official 2150mah battery is just so damned ugly. :\

  13. @Paul T. Exchange Active Sync on mine works fine, except for Tasks sync, which is a known issue.
    If yours isn’t working it is more than likely related to the SSL certificate with your Exchange Server, not the Active Sync.

  14. Agreed Rollins. Part of the beauty of the Dinc, is it’s sleek and slender build. Throw a 2150 in there, and you got a cow of a phone…

  15. Getting off topic here, but my solution to short battery life was to buy an external charger for the battery and some spare batteries. I picked up a charger and 2 spare batteries on Ebay for $15. The batteries have a slightly smaller capacity than the stock battery, but I get around 10-14 hours out of any of the batteries with moderate usage. I always have one battery in the charger, one in my pocket and obviously one in my phone. When the battery in the phone dies I swap in the fresh one in my pocket and I’m good for another 12 hours or so. When I get home dead battery goes into the charger, fully charged spare goes into my pocket. To me it’s the best of all worlds – I no longer worry about battery life, I keep the slim form factor of the phone that I like, my batteries always get fully bump charged with no additional effort by me, I never have to plug my phone in for charging, and it costs considerably less than buying an extended battery.

  16. stock battery + root + virtuous + custom kernal, you will get 2 days off 1 charge. and its hard to drain the battery 100% in one day of heavy heavy use.

  17. Or how about landscape view on the home page? That would have been nice…

  18. And how about a F*ing Cisco VPN solution!! GGrrrrr

  19. The new kernel included in this release charges MUCH faster, about 1% per minute.

  20. The solution to the charging problem is to root your phone and download the new kernel it.charges faster then 2.1

  21. I hope they fixed the POP3 problem. If I wanted IMAP I would use it.

  22. Here’s a couple of things the Incredible needs:
    1. Better voice dialing software, like the Nuance that’s in the Droid X and several other Verizon phones. The current voice dialing software is CRAP.
    2. Ability to turn off haptic feedback for the dialer. Right now, even if it’s turned off in the settings, it doesn’t turn it off on the dialer. Shouldn’t it be OFF altogether if you turn it OFF ??!! Strange set up.

  23. Ever since the 2.2 update I haven’t been able to sync calendar entries, made on the phone, to the computer. The new update didn’t fix that. I still can’t place calls from my blue tooth. WTF…

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