Dell Streak + SNES Controller = Blissful Gaming Experience


One crafty gamer and his Dell Streak took it upon themselves to whip up a mouth-watering gaming controller for the device. Using the device’s PDMI port, he crossed some wires and soldered some doohickeys that allowed the controller to be plugged into the Streak and be recognized as a USB keyboard.

Because of this, you can use it to navigate the Android OS and to play any of the several emulators on the Android market, just as if you had a portable SNES (and what gamer never dreamed of having one of those?) Personally, I’ll stick to my PSP for emulators, but if I didn’t have that, this would be next on my list of “Do Want”s.

[via StreakSmart]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That is awesome, but it would be nice to have an android device with a built-in game controller

  2. This is full of win!!!! :D

  3. Id take this over the psp phone

  4. http://www.retrousb.com/ – not sure if this relates exactly, but these guys sell professional looking adaptors to plug many classic nintendo/sega controllers into usb and gamecube ports.

    i bought a couple of the snes->gamecube adaptors and they work great for virtual console games on the wii. i know the classic controller is really similar to the snes controller, but there’s nothing more authentic than playing with the actual controller. :)

  5. @Dylan Taylor

    Supposedly Sony is working on one.

  6. I wonder what he does when needs to use the right or left bumper buttons?

  7. That’s awesome but who actually has a streak……

  8. “That’s awesome but who actually has a streak……” aaron

    Hi aaron.I do,like many others.Great device,large screen,and about to get Froyo in November.Ideal for mobile-gamers.


  10. if the streak was cdma i would have gotten with out a second thought. too bad it isnt :(

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