Nov 3rd, 2010


The T-Mobile myTouch 4G picks up where the myTouch 3G Slide left off with the inclusion of the Genius Button hands-free mode. What you may not know is that the Genius Button is powered by Nuance Communications‘ natural language detection technology. In essence, they put the ‘Genius’ in Genius Button.

Thanks to nuance you can place calls, respond to text messages, get voice-cues for incoming calls, and more. It’s a lot like Android’s Voice Actions with just slightly more beef. The Genius Button could be a must-have for hands-free addicts, but personally I prefer to interact with my phone using my faithful digits, though voice commands have been creeping in for direction searches and responding to texts hands-free. The real question is, knowing that Google is bound to develop Voice Actions further, does a third-party solution like the Genius Button even need to exist? Food for thought.

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