T-Mobile myTouch 4G is Out, Get it at Target for $79.99



The T-Mobile myTouch 4G’s street date was today, and if you are planning to order this one up or run out and buy it you may want to consider forgoing T-Mobile’s stores for a third party option at a bargain price. We have been tipped off to a deal Target Mobile is running for the new handset: $79.99 with a new T-Mobile account and two-year contract. Not too bad, if you want to save a smooth $120 off of what you would deal out to TMo. Anyone picking this one up today?

[via TargetMobile, thanks Andrew!]

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  1. Wow that is an awesome deal.

  2. There’s the same deal at RadioShack too $79.99 for new and $149 for existing.

  3. It doesn’t have a keyboard though.

    I’ll stick with the G2.

  4. I am personally waiting to see about the samsung “nexus” announcement and I do not want a physical keyboard. Touchscreen keyboards have come so far since they were a pain to use. That or im spoiled with the iPhone’s keyboard.

  5. Also not needing a physical keyboard. Swype is fabulous (once you spend about 10 minutes getting the hang of it). It is SO much faster than the Android KB.

  6. Oh really? How do you get the virtual keyboard to show up on flash games? Try logging in to a site where the login fields are in flash. Not gonna happen without a hardware keyboard. Unless there was a way to force the virtual keyboard to show up that I’m not aware of…

    And yes, I know this is a specific case that doesn’t apply to 99% of people, but it applies to me, so…

  7. that’s for new customers only. upgrades and added-lines get a price of $149 which is still better that $199 but not as sweet as $79

  8. Costco has it for $149.99 on all lines at launch, but once the G2 is off coupon I’d imagine the MT4G may go down a bit. However unlike the Vibrant and G2 I’m not sure if a bluetooth is included with the 4G.

  9. Finally, a Decent Phone without a physical keyboard. It’s soooo much slower typing on a physical keyboard, i’m glad they finally made a decent phone without a keyboard, Swype is soo much faster.

  10. force the keyboard to show up, press and hold the menu button. and Voila, virtual keyboard shows up.

    and yes i’ve logged onto websites with flash logins, using the Nexus One, with adobe flash installed

  11. “Unless there was a way to force the virtual keyboard to show up that I’m not aware of…”

    Long press on Menu.

    D’oh, someone beat me to it!

  12. Today I got it at the tmobile store as an upgrade for $99. Also upgraded another line to a G2 for $99 as well. I guess that’s $20 more than target, but there has got to be an advantage by going directly to tmobile to do all the upgrading.

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