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openfeint_iconOpenFeint has just announced that they’ve launched 12 new titles for their mobile, social gaming platform. Alongside the new wave of titles comes version 1.1 of the base application, which adds Facebook Connect support to more easily find your friends and family. OpenFeint is a wonderful platform that adds a lot of value to the games you play which support it through achievements, leaderboards, and the ability to take your progress with you when switching to a new phone.

For developers, OpenFeint shows you how including support in your older titles can revitalize sales and recapture the interests of those who’ve already played it. Speedx 3D – a game that’s been out for quite sometime – has enjoyed a 39% increase in sales since injecting OpenFeint, says developer HyperBees.

I’d hoped it would gain a lot of traction to improve the overall gaming experience on Android, and it looks like they’re making great headway as they continue to attract more and more developers. Don’t forget that we’re only 6 weeks removed from the platform’s public launch and they’ve already gotten 80 games into the mix. I think OpenFeint will be right where they want to be once we take a look at their report card in 2011. Read on for full press details.

Burlingame, CA – November 2, 2010 – Launched just six weeks ago on Android, OpenFeint brought several hit games to the Market, driving titles like Fruit Ninja and MiniSquadron to the top of the paid charts. While great for new games, OpenFeint also benefits existing Android titles, like Speedx 3D from Android publisher HyperBees, which experienced a 39% increase in sales post integration. This week, OpenFeint launches its third wave of hit games for Android, including hit titles Flick Kick: Football (PikPok), Dynamo Kid (Orange Pixel), Abduction! (Psym Mobile), Happy Island (CrowdStar) and Prism 3D (HyerBees).

“We expected there to be some uptick in sales when we re-launched Speedx 3D with OpenFeint, but the end result was truly amazing. Following the update we recorded a 39% increase in Speedx 3D sales and a 9% increase in sales across other titles,” said Tom Mleko of HyerBees. “OpenFeint has been a great partner for Android and we look forward to what they have in store for the future.”

The third wave of Android games from OpenFeint launches this week and will include Flick Kick Football (PikPok), Dot 3(TM) (ustwo), Cows Don’t Fly, Prism 3D, and JellyBalls (HyperBees), Dynamo Kid (OrangePixel), Abduction! (Psym Mobile), Bonecruncher Soccer (Distinctive Developments), Pocket Racing (Measured Software), Egggz (SmartPix Games), Chopper Control (The Game Boss), and Happy Island (CrowdStar).

“OpenFeint also announced the upcoming release of version 1.1 of its Android product. The update will integrate Facebook Connect, making it even easier for Android gamers to find and play games with their friends.

“We’re seeing incredible growth on Android for new games and existing Android games relaunching with OpenFeint,” said Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at OpenFeint. “With Facebook Connect coming soon more and more players will discover the Feint gaming network. Developers clearly love the Feint gaming network – we’re already in 80 games and are adding new games every day.”

Each launch game will be featured in the Feint Game Spotlight app, which is quickly becoming the preferred destination for Android gamers to discover and purchase high quality games. Developers interested in implementing OpenFeint in their games can learn more and download the free, open source SDK at Players interested in discovering more OpenFeint enabled games can download Feint Spotlight from the Android Market.

About Aurora Feint, Inc:
Aurora Feint Inc’s software development kit, OpenFeint, allows game publishers to implement services which enable mobile social gaming. With over 45 million registered users and a presence on over 3,400 games, OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming ecosystem for iOS devices and Android. Aurora Feint is backed by DeNA Inc., Intel Capital, and The9.

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  1. I’m hoping more and more titles launch with open feint. Really good platform and makes you want to come back and play

  2. I already own Abduction 2 and 100%’d both Classic and Adventure mode, but neither carried over. That kinda stinks.

  3. Yes!! Flick Kick Football is sooo addictive loved it on my ipod touch!

  4. Google should acquire Open Feint and improve it then make it an API for developers. Go Google!

  5. Who knows the all in 1 game box for ipod i want that for android. friken addicting

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