VZ Navigator for the Droid 2 Global Shows Up in the Android Market



The Motorola Droid2 Global is coming, and here it gets its very own version of VZ Navigator. The handset should, by all accounts, be dropping down November 11th at $199.99 and available in both white and black color schemes. We still await an official announcement, however.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I don’t understand why they make premium navigation apps. Google Navigation works so well why would anyone pay for a different app.

  2. Will this phone work in europe for vodafone gsm ?i live in Portugal and if i buy this will it work here?

  3. I’ve read it will have all 4 GSM bands, but I haven’t seen all the specs so I don’t know if this means it will have a sim slot.. although I imagine so.. A global phone has never been a problem, GSM sim phones do that.. but a global data phone that is not insane to use.. still looking.. For example, I am on T Mobile here in the US.. So I went to Prague last summer for 5 days.. I kept the data off on my phone except for the times I needed it, which was mainly when I got lost and needed to use Google maps to get unlost.. at best I used Google maps maybe 5 times, and browses maybe 3 web pages.. no email, no messaging.. and my data bill was almost $400 for Edge data, on T Mobile at that.. Hopefully with prepaid data becoming the rage, people will be able to travel and just get local sims and prepaid data, and this will fix the insanity.. but then the problem becomes 3G compatibility.. but at least there is Edge (although don’t know if this Verizon phone will have Edge yet)

  4. @MaxB

    We are talking about app in Verizon network.

    And you are asking about Droid2 phone, right?
    Verizon has CDMA format (no sim card) and in Europe we have mostly GSM format. So it will be painful to have CDMA-Droid2 there. Just try to find other GSM model of phone.

  5. @ Ben, having used VZ navigator, Google maps, and various GPS devices, I can honestly say that VZ navigator is the best of them all, hands down. When I first got a Droid 1 last November, my only complaint was that it didn’t have VZ navigator, after using google navigator, I missed the VZ navigator even more. If you spend a lot of time driving to various places, VZ navigator is well worth the $10/month; it has a LOT of options and features that even most dedicated GPS units do not have. If you are only driving around your local area, then google nav should work just fine for you, provided you aren’t mentally retarded and walk onto a busy highway or drive into a lake because your GPS told you to.

  6. I was just asking because since motorola milestone 2 is coming here and the global is a bit faster a i was considering buying the US new model, but i dont know if it will work here…

  7. This may be a dumb question, but can you still use Google Nav if this phone comes with VZ nav?

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