Verizon Debuts Tiered Data, Testing Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile


It’s been rumored Verizon was going to be shaking things up toward the end of this month, and as much as they denied it leading up to the changes, we know leaks that come out of Verizon usually tend to have a lot of legs. Today, they’ve finally debuted their new tiered data plan. You guys won’t have to deal without unlimited data, thankfully. The changes pertain to smartphone buyers who don’t consume as much data as power users.

For $15 instead of the usual $30, you can grab 150 MB of data allowance each month, and if you need an additional 150 MB after that, you’ll have to pay up another $15. They’ve also updated their chart for other data services, as well, so check those out if they are of interest to you.

It also seems they’re testing out a new unlimited mobile-to-mobile plan, being dubbed Unlimited Any Mobile. This is more like Sprint’s plan where you don’t have to call someone within the Verizon network in order to take advantage, it can be any mobile phone. For $59.99 and $79.99, you’ll be able to get the single-line plan with 450 anytime minutes and 900 anytime minutes, respectively. (Data not included, seemingly.)


Families can enjoy the plan, as well, with $99.99, $119.99, and $129.99 allowing them 700, 1400, and 2000 anytime minutes, respectively. Starting out, select markets in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansa, Louisiana, and Mississippi will be able to try the new plans out.

As a Sprint user myself, I can say that this is a lifesaver for anyone whose circle of friends and family use nothing but cell phones. Just be careful whenever you have to call any customer service lines and such.

PS: Why is new technology always trialled in the south? Cookie for anyone who can enlighten me.

[via Engadget 1|2]

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  1. They are a little slower in the south so they may not catch on to the problem until after it has been fixed.

  2. As a recent transplant to the land of deliverance (TN), I can tell you the folks down here usually don’t scream as loudly when technology fails them since 1/2 the state doesn’t even get 3G service due to the mountains so forget about Broadband… pity me!!!! or just send me a cable line :-}

  3. It’s the “lowest common denominator” rule. Companies test on these states because of their low IQ. If they are able to understand the package/tech/whatever then they can assume that all the other states will have no problem. With the expcetion of California (chock-full of idiots), could they have picked any dumber states?

  4. This is in preparation for the Iphone. Just you watch

  5. @michael


    I guess your from the North East then.

  6. Actually sir. They pic the southern states because of the lower population density. Southern states have cities aswell as rural American living. Making them the best places to test out these new plans. Also the lower populations make it easier for the carrier to see if the network can handle the increased use. So before you. show your ignorance again. Please get the facts. By the way I am from Tennessee. I read, write, and all that fun stuff. America has an underperforming education system that goes from South to the North. Rural Appalachia to the streets of Chicago.

  7. @Michael- aren’t you obnoxious and inconsiderate… by the way, I’m from NJ, but I disagree with judging someone’s intelligence based on location….

  8. I work for a telecommunications company that has service in 18 states and we started testing our IPTV product in the south for that reason as to larger more populated areas all the way out to the country side to see how the product rolled out and performed in various areas and now the service has been implemented elsewhere

  9. sprint still better as you get 450 any time minutes plus unlimited data for 69.99 hehehe, sprint is the best when it comes to pricing, now if they can get a really nice 3g only phone that would be sweet.

  10. And We have shoes and all our teeth here in Mississippi!

  11. now we will see at&t do the same, ripple effect i like it.

  12. Although Michael was inconsiderate, he was probably just making a joke at south/cali expense.

  13. I live in North Carolina, and I also have all my teeth. And believe it or not, I graduated from college. My daddy was soooo proud ;)

  14. @mike,

    If you’re trying to make a point about the overall education level of the South, you should at least make the effort to proofread your post. Your punctuation (and consequent needless capitalization) is atrocious, and you’re doing a disservice to the educated, erudite, and generally friendly denizens of the South.

  15. OK seriously who does business in megabytes anymore. 15 bucks for a usb modem with only 150 mb should be illegal. Then for 30 they double the usage to 300 does anyone not see how awful that is. When it’s time for a new phone for me and there is no unlimited data plan verizon can kiss my family plan and 10 years of loyalty goodbye.

  16. $15 for 150MB what a joke.

    $15 for a gig and I might buy into it.

  17. We get all of the new stuff down here for two reasons…
    1. Business is cheaper down here.
    2. We have all of the guns. They are afraid of us.

  18. They should have done $10 for 100, $15 for 250, $20 for 500 and $30 unl. They also should have set it that if you go over your “bucket” you can just upgrade to the unlimited for the difference in price, not this $15 for another 150mb crap. Guess they didn’t learn from the government ruling yesterday on data charges.

    As to this any mobile plan, I won’t get it. Not for another $20… ridiculous. I’ll start supporting the local carriers soon if they don’t get wise with their greed

  19. 3g pricing means nothing to me. I could live without it. Wi-Fi makes it insignificant. 4g is what interests me.
    I could get rid of my home internet connection and it would be better, but that will depend heavily on pricing and limitations.

  20. michael…i would not have said that. what about the people who lived in the north all their lives then moved to the south?

  21. Chillax children… It was a joke!!

    I’m sorry i assumed if i layed it on thick enough that it would be obvious it was a joke. Next time I’ll just come out and say I’m joking so all you uptight morons don’t have another aneurism.

  22. @Wyatt. Yes my punctuation and such was lack luster. I was typing that on my mobile. Not quite as easy to be exact and prof my work when there is a lag, but thank you for the words. lol

  23. Sprint’s plan is still better, we have 450 minutes, unlimited mobile-to-mobile, unlimited data, unlimited 4G, free roaming, and free wifi and usb tethering (for Android users of course) for only $79. And that’s including the $10 premium data fee. I love rockin with the underdogs

  24. damnit michael! you know you can’t throw acrimonious sarcasm around without a /s tag =P

  25. I’ve lived 90% of my life in CA but lived in Las Vegas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah and Washington State and I have to say Californians are pretty dumb for the most part. The difference is that in CA it’s “belligerent ignorance” vs the midwest where it’s “cultural ignorance”; Californians are mad that you are trying to teach them something like you’re insulting them, in the Midwest they believe that simplicity and ignorance are the recipe for a happy life and the more you know, the more “corrupted” you are.

  26. I really hope the mobile to mobile catches on. That would make my life much easier. I hate tracking my minutes and waiting till 9 to call people.

  27. Although I’m an enthusiast, I don’t really think I am an Android “power user”.. and still I average about 160 MB a month of data. This would do nothing for me over paying $30 for an unlimited plan except cause me more stress.. If the unused data was carried over to the next month.. well then maybe it might save me some money every other month.. If it started out as $15 for 200 MB I’d be all over it.. but it looks like some bean counter looked at real world usage and put the minimum at just under what I use.. Bastards.

  28. All this tiered stuff is funny. I used 6gb last night on my phone! Unlimited win!

  29. Being born in Michigan and living in North Carolina now, I can say this, with apologies to that Ghandi guy I ain’t supposed to know about since I’m a unedumakated Sutherner:

    First you ignore the South,
    Then you laugh at the South,
    Then you fight the South,
    Then you lose your job the same week you get a blizzard that drops 20 feet of snow in your town,
    Then you move to the South, realize IT’S BETTER DOWN HERE, and THE SOUTH WINS!!!

    Evidence: Look at the cities that are shrinking rapidly: Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, Youngstown, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia

    Now look at the cities that are growing rapidly: Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Huntsville, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Dallas

    Heck, they’re still building new houses in Raleigh-Durham; during a RECESSION!

  30. Yup, former Ny’er here, no freaking way I’d move back north let alone Ny. The people are nicer, weather is nicer, pace is slower,(but the people are not) and taxes are very low as is cost of living, and the food is great. Y’all can freeze yo butts off, I’ll keep my magnolia and palm trees here in Mississippi!

  31. I’m a dealer in Texas, we’ve been selling this plan for 3 months, and it originally ended on October 31st. It wasn’t even for all of Texas, just Central Texas only. Hence the website, It did awesome, so they extended it until the end of the year. This is NOT a permanent plan as of now, it’s a promotional plan. They’re also running a different promotional plan in the North, to see which one does better.

    As far as why they started here: Dallas/Fort Worth is AT&T’s corporate location. Everybody here has AT&T and this plan was designed to steal their customers. Before I worked here I knew one person with Verizon. Yet Verizon still has 95 million customers. The one person I knew with Verizon was from Boston, and everybody up there has it. You people should Google more and not just make shit up.

  32. @Dennis you are no power user, at least data-wise. I’ve used >1GB and my billing period doesn’t end ’til the 19th.

  33. The comment about the southern states being less educated is funny because, if you are familiar with the top high schools in the country, southern states do quite well while northeastern states barely make the top of the list. The top colleges aren’t as interesting because 1) they are almost all private and made up of mostly out-of-state residents and 2) the majority of Americans don’t attend college.

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