Last Call for Best Buy’s Free Phone Friday: Droid 2, Incredible, and Vibrant


It’s the last Friday of October, and that means Best Buy is just about ready to wrap up all of the treats they’ve been giving out. For their final Free Phone Friday, they’ll be featuring the Motorola Droid 2, the HTC Droid Incredible, and the Samsung Vibrant, Android wise. This is your last chance to jump into a new two-year contract while getting a high-end phone for free, so if you are still shopping around, you should make it quick.


[via Best Buy]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Really, where do you see the Droid 2 mentioned?

  2. anyone able to find the droid 2 on the best buy website? I found the Incredible, but the Droid 2 does not show up.

  3. The Droid 2 is not included in this deal–just the Incredible on Verizon.

  4. it says online on these websites that the droid 2 is free.. has pictures, but you can only do the incredible. i wanted the droid 2

  5. Call or stop into your local Best Buy. The Droid 2 will be free. Not sure if it’s part of this particular promotion, but it went free on the same day, so I just included it.

  6. Confirmed, called my local BB and the droid 2 is on sale for free today

  7. This is 100% true it is an unadvertised promotion the DROID 2 is Free. I am One of the BBY Mobile Managers.

  8. Yeah, we thought it was just the incredible. Wife went into BB to upgrade her EnV2 (which got a dunking 6 months back and now has a terrible battery life) and was told they had the droid2 as well. So she calls me quick as a flash to get my opinion of which one.

    We still went with the incredible.

  9. Screw me. Could have gotten my Vibrant for free!!! SOB!

  10. Go for the incredible…I personally have the Droid 2, and honestly…nothin special

  11. ok… what do you guys think? Incredible or Droid 2?

  12. I went to best buy today because we wanted the droid 2. He said that some stores have the droid 2 on sale. However, they are not published and when you call the store they will say “the driod 2 is not in the free phone friday sale.” Because its not in the sale, and they will tell you the regular price over the phone. I asked the agent this and he said that is want there are suppost to do…

    My advice, If you want a droid 2, go to the store. If that store does not have it, you might want to try another store. please keep in mind that best buy is regional and every regional is different and that may be why they are not publishing this nationwide.

  13. Droid 2 is up for Free phone Friday in the Buffalo NY area

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  15. Best Buy is National and this is an unadvertised promo. They will not tell you if you call you have to go into the store. If they are out of stock then they can instant ship it for you also. Trust me this is real and if a store says that it is not then they are just unaware of the promo.

  16. I picked up 2 Droid 2’s today for free at my local Best Buy. It was fun watching the register display go from $1300+ to $0.00 after the sales rep entered in the promotion info.

  17. will they have this event again??

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