Jha Addresses Investors, Says Motorola Remains Committed to Droid Franchise


sanjay-jha-05-27-2010-1274982007Motorola just dropped their Q3 earnings report on investors and analysts, and CEO Sanjay Jha is promising that the trend started by their first quarter of growth since 2006 will carry over into Q4 with plans to move over 5 million smartphones. Of course, a big aspect of their smartphone strategy is the Motorola Droid brand in conjunction with Verizon, and Jha says the company will continue to invest in that franchise going froward, starting with the Motorola Droid Global and Droid Pro and pushing on into 2011.

Jha also mentioned (though indirectly) that the company will “cope [with the competitive pressure of a Verizon iPhone] in good ways” and briefly touched on Moto’s tablet plans without providing any information that isn’t already known.

Certainly isn’t surprising that the brand that has helped spur on the success of Android and also catapult Moto back into the upper echelon of mobile devices will push on in the new year. We personally can’t wait for the first LTE Droid and the fabled Tegra 2 device in the pipeline (we can only hope they are one in the same).

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. shouldn’t he be pushing more into AT&T

  2. Ask AT&T why they don’t carry more Moto phones. Carriers have to want them even before they’re designed. No manufacturer is going to spend a ton of money and time building a phone is nobody wants it. They sell it first, then build it.

  3. -2 for spelling of addresses

  4. Smart man… he partnered with the strongest and most respected carrier (which has a wonderful advertising campaign for the Droid), partnered with Google to make sure Android is on every single phone they sell, and is making sure these phones are very powerful and top-of-the-line. He has saved Motorola from bankruptcy, and has done more in one year than that idiot before him has done in his whole lifetime. Glad to hear it.

  5. Now all he has to do now is at least try to get other carriers to sell their top of the line products. Lime, Sprint, T-Mobile, & AT&T. Come on Motorola at least try n make a proposal to the other carriers

  6. ROm,

    IPhone and IPad are coming to verizon, I think AT&T is more than willing to accomodate android phones.

  7. but yeah, this performance is impressive as the competition actually heated up in Q3 as lot of droid phones were sold by verizon apart from moto ones. So this gives them confidence I think.

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