Sony Ericsson Shows Off Android 2.1 Update for Xperia X10 in this Video Preview


For the many Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 users who have been begging and pleading for an update to Android 2.1, there is pretty much no need to try to convince them of the benefits of the new Android firmware. So, for whatever reason, that is exactly what SE decided they needed to do, and they created the following video to showcase all of the great things you will be able to do “if you haven’t updated yet.” That’s an actual line from the video, but how anyone could have updated yet without an official release is lost on me.

Maybe it’s a good sign and the update will be dropping incredibly soon, or maybe SE is doing everything they can to torture their customers with visions of an update that seems like it will never be released.

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog]

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  1. So maybe this will be sent out next month which makes it 1 year since the phone got released and they promised a quick update to 2.1, with that in mind X10 owners can expect 2.2 or 2.3 by November 2011.

    Damn I’m glad they didn’t my Nexus One.

  2. FAIL!!!!!

  3. Bye SOny Ericsson

  4. Multitouch?

  5. Insted of a PSPhone of S.E.
    They should put remote play on the Xperia phone lines!
    Please vote!

  6. Excited about this updAte coming out. I like the changes.

  7. I’m amazed. My X10 can now do almost as much as my nexus one could a year ago. Now I can’t wait till the 3.0 update in 2013 ==”

    Sony Ericsson, you’ve just messed up every chance of ever making money off this series ever again.

  8. 2.1 sucks. 2.2 is usable, but still kind of sucks. Why would anyone get excited about this? It would be like buying a PC with Windows 95 installed in 2010. FAIL

  9. i hate sonyericsson as much as windows vista, and that is saying something,i bet the se management are laughing behind the doors of thier plush offices at all us expectant xperia owners, im never ever ever buying a sony product in my life and will steer family and friends away from doing so also, i even tell people i see in phone shops showing interest in sony phones the horror stories associated with ownership and they do choose another brand, lol, sonyericsson u suck!

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