Android Helps Drive 644,000 New Subscribers to Sprint, Though Losses Grow to $911 Million



Sprint has been on the up and up after the world almost counted them out of the mobile game in large part thanks to Android, and the trend continues in their latest report…sort of. While the nation’s first 4G carrier was able to pick up 644,000 in their summer numbers due to releases like the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G, the high costs associated with signing up users to deals with high-end handsets with very limited to no profit margin after subsidization ended up costing the company $911 million.

The past three quarters worth of earnings reports have seen an end to a constant loss of subscribers as many new customers have come on board, but Sprint is banking on these new subscribers sticking with the company and continuing to pump out money for their reasonably priced unlimited plans to help them turn gains.

For the moment, Sprint’s 4G network and 4G handsets offer a huge competitive edge, and while Android is sure to help them continue to grow in the future the introduction of next generation networks from T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T may very well help to slow down the company’s forward momentum.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. First.
    also, Sprint is good, and I hope they don’t die.

  2. I have always been happy with Sprint, I hate to change at this point. However, it looks like T-Mo is coming out with all of the new phones and a faster (I won’t say 4G, but neither is Wimax really 4G) network, so, they might start to take a bite out of Sprint’s growth. It’s only going to get tougher on Sprint since they are the only ones using Wimax.

  3. Good god.


  4. They could have gotten so many more subscribers to the 4G handsets if they didn’t push the $10/month fee. Obviously do away with it altogether, but at least did a better job at providing consistent and valid reason for it.

  5. If you take 911 million and divide it by 644,000 customers each new customer cost them $ 1400 ??

  6. @Dennis

    the 911 million dollar losses are from their other customers as well. 644k are the result of Android only.

  7. I’ve been with Sprint for over 10 years now and I’ve never had any major issues. Five or six years ago, I will admit their customer support was rather lacking, but since they joined the Open Handset Alliance and embraced Android, their service has done a complete 180 for the positive. And if you stick with them, they treat long term customers VERY well (only have to wait 1 year between discounted upgrades now and they’ll often offer me specials that aren’t part of typical user plans on the rare occasion I do call with an issue). Every time I upgrade to a new phone now I don’t have any concerns with having to sign up again for another long term contract.

  8. Sprint you were on a roll by adding new and keeping long term customers. I have been a customer for 11 years and it will end in January. I had a discount on the complete plan now you only give it on the first line. Hope you keep getting new customers because you just lost 3 customers totaling 13 lines!! Keith replyed that if you stick with them they treat you very well (or screw you over).

  9. I left T-Mobile after being with them for almost 8 years, even with the extra $10 fee for having the Evo my bill is lower then it was with T-mobile. plus due to the roaming agreement that sprint has with Verizon i have coverage in a lot of the places that are important to me.

  10. I’ve been a customer of Sprint for almost a year now and i too was getting a discount on the complete plan as well. Now Sprint decided to give a discount on the first line only. Funny how they make you sign a 2 year contract and if you break it you pay a penalty but if they change something too bad. Plus still paying the $10.00 premium for 4G that still is not available in my area. And Sprint is losing customers why?

  11. @don sprint did the same thing to us, but don’t get your panties all in a tizzy. Since they altered your plan options you can just leave whenever you want. Your contact is void.

  12. The $10 premium is for access to any Wimax network as well as uncapped 3g data. The ETF is a repayment of the subsidy they give you when you get your fancy $600 phone for $199. They make it back over two years but if you bail, then you pay it back. It isn’t implemented perfectly (should be pro-rated, should pay less per month if you BYO phone) but it makes sense. Also, if they change the terms on you, you can leave with no ETF.

  13. Either way, feel free to go to a cheaper competitor with better plans….oh wait, there aren’t any. At the moment, all other carriers either cost more, offer less, or both. As soon as someone beats Sprint’s deal I’ll be right there with you but right now nobody gives me the kind of price for a ton of minutes, truly uncapped 3g, access to wimax where available, and a new customer upgrade price every summer.

  14. Market share is nothing when you make a loss. It is easy to gain market share…simply give your products/service away for free. What matters to Sprint is profit and if they ain’t turning a profit they won’t survivie.

  15. jerbear is right on… GO SPRINT

  16. “The ETF is a repayment of the subsidy they give you when you get your fancy $600 phone for $199.”

    The carrier didn’t spend $600 for the phone they sell to you for $199. Take the Zio on Sprint. On Cricket, you can get it for $170 with no contract, but on Sprint it costs your $100…$70 dollar subsidy. Their Early Termination Fee is $200 if you cancel immediately.

  17. No thanks, Sprint. Down ya go!

  18. Sprint has a huge lead in 4G. Despite the spew from the other Telco’s saying it’s just around the corner (like they have been doing for the past 4 years), LTE is at least 2-4 years away from where Sprints 4G network is today. Sprint knows that and they are going to milk it for all it’s worth.

  19. After 10 years of being with AT&T I made the switch to Sprint two months ago to join the EVO party. My service has been as good or better than AT&T…but Sprint’s customer service has been as bad as advertised for me. Fortunately I don’t plan on speaking to them much.

  20. Tethering right now in Vegas, Sprint Samsung Epic.

    Viva Sprint!!!!!!!!!

  21. I have been with sprint for 11 years. When I had bad credit I paid 300 for a phone. Since then their service had gotten better and better they treat me well.I have no problems with sprint and I am just waiting for my Froyo up date for the Epic 4g. Thank you Sprint.

    P.S. My credit has since improved and I will still stay with sprint.

  22. OK now say if 500,000 people owned an evo for the 2 yr contract and all of them kept it for 2 yrs that would be:
    500,000 x $10premium fee x 24months = $120,000,000
    Plus 69.99 a contract you do the math!!! where are they losing??

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