Wi-Fi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to Best Buy for $499



Though we were beginning to think we might never see a Wi-Fi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab, a leaked Best Buy document may finally be putting our minds to rest in light of new surrounding the Tab’s carrier releases. Best Buy is showing that a silver, Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab featuring all the same bells and whistles minus a cellular radio will be available for $499. Compare that to Verizon’s recently announced CDMA version, which will retail for $599 without any subsidized pricing available.

At a hundred bucks less, is this Wi-Fi version any more appealing? Or is the price still a little too steep?

[Pocketables via BGR]

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  1. I might buy it for that price. Still a little too steep, but, we’ll see how it performs and see what the reviews say. And if I’m able to play with it at Best Buy..

  2. Samsung missed a huge opportunity here. If they had come under the iPad WiFi pricing, say be $50 or $100, they could have easily stolen some market away from the iPad. This is what the consumer could have been faced with:

    “So wait, you’re telling me I can get an iPad, or I can get that device that is $100 cheaper, has cameras and does pretty much the same thing but is just a little smaller? I’m sold.”

    But instead they’ll do this:

    “So wait, you’re telling me it’s the same price as an iPad, is smaller, and won’t have the library? Meh, I wasn’t going to use the cameras anyway and I want the real apps, maybe if it was cheaper.”

    Bye Bye Samsung Galaxy Tab, we hardly knew ye.

  3. $500 is too much. I’d buy one for $300 for fun.

  4. Excellent. They really need this price point to compete with that other tablet device.

    At least those of us with wifi tether abilities can now have our 3G/4G attached to this device without paying extra for data to the carriers.

    WIN/WIN IMHO! Bring on the wave of Android Tablets! Oh and let’s not forget that this thing weighs only HALF the amount of that other tablet = easier to hold for longer.


  5. Are we sure this is genuine?

    Read the description it has it down as a Super AMOLED screen. I doubt the authenticity at this point just because of that. See it believe it…

  6. Great new but without any word from Google on their policy of no cellular connection then no marketplace does that mean it will not feature the market?

    If it does have the market then I’d buy it but if not then I’ll wait until that issue is sorted.

  7. Hehe, that’s cheap. Where I am, they cost (no joke) $1000 USD without any kind of plan (the cdma version).

  8. I see the the wifi + 3g on Best buy web BUT i dont see the Wifi only

  9. This is right up my ally. With the lowest version of the iPad coming at the same price, and with less features, why not? I’d sure as hell get this over the Wi-fi + 3G version.

  10. @Al it says in the article “leaked Best Buy document”.

  11. Meh. $399 and maybe they’ll sell well. $499 is WAY too steep.

  12. Too expensive of a toy, not enough capability to replace a netbook. A $499 dual-core netbook can be had for true portable computing plus entertainment. The tablet in this form is still just a toy and internet browsing machine. I agree $300 is the sweet spot for a 1GHz tablet.

  13. That’s what I’m talking about! I’m definitely getting one now

  14. $499 is reasonable but if they really want to compete in this market than $449 is best for the holidays. Just imagine if Apple took $50 off the iPad for Christmas, the GTab would get dusty on the shelves.

    I personally would rather have Android, Video calling, and Flash support and sacrifice 2.7″ of screen. BUT a 10″ version early next year is way more appealing.

    Don’t spend your money on this thing people(unless $500 every 6mos is no problem for you) because it WILL be outdone very soon. It’s not like it has a SuperAMOLED screen to really make it stand apart from the upcoming competition.

  15. its funny how everyone wants to complain about the price, I’d surely be happier if it cost $399 but as $499 isn’t terrible, I mean the ipad cost $499 starting. The reason I won’t buy this tablet is I believe google when they say wait for 3.0 to do tablets. I’m worried what strange voodoo samsung did to make this work and how that will limit options.

  16. Meh, I’ll still take my netbook over a pad any day.

  17. IF this is real, it’s the retail price. There is no reason that they can not have it on sale for $50-75 less. That’s something that will never happen with an apple product.

  18. Really looking forward to this unit coming out! I hope they do offer a WiFi only unit and that this is the correct price for it. I don’t mind paying this much for a tablet since it’s so much better than the iPad. If it were a 10 inch tab – I wouldn’t be so excited about it!

  19. Still a little high but here is the question. Does the GPS still work on the WiFi Only version? If so I may get one for my wife and tether it off my Nexus 1 when we are on the road.

  20. So we can actually get iPads for cheaper than the Galaxy Tab. (Refurbs at for $449 for 16gb wifi). Granted they’re refurbs, but they come with the same warranty as a new one. The pricing for this is almost as funny as the HP tablet that was announced last week, still laughing over $899. Here’s to hoping for those interested that the 12% off BB coupons work on the Galaxy Tab.

  21. If they want to compete with Apple, they have to come in at a better price point.

  22. $399 and I might consider one. I still think a lot of people who buy the Tab will be kicking themselves once all the other Android tablets start rolling out next year.

  23. I think I will wait for the HTC tab coming 2nd Q 11, by then gingerbread will be in it, hopefully they will pay attention to what will work/fail w/ the gal s tab and try to do better. for most of us this isn’t a need just a want and In this economy i’m not paying that price. maybe someone will have a black friday special????????

  24. 100bux, or no deal.

  25. They got us all warm an fuzzy feeling, hoping for a reasonable price for this day and time, and then crush us on 499 pricetag for an unerpowered keyboardless netbook. because nobody on theyr righ mind want a phone that big,

  26. @Mike — Thats a really good point man, the 11 inch OLED screen sony is selling was over $1500, so for a portable 7 inch one with touch(Among other things) its $1000 less? If it is genuine then the person writing it may not have the tech knowledge. or OLED prices have really dropped…

  27. @ParanoidAndroid. Possibly but then Sony overprice everything they do, you have to pay a premium for those four letters a bit like Apple products.

  28. Its actually 599.99 if you go to best buys site they have them on there.

  29. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the right size for this class of consumer products. It is a superior product compared to the iPad because of its cameras, more portable size, flash support, and the ability to add storage via an SD card. I will most likely buy the Wi-Fi only one if it comes out soon.

    I see two issues that need to get addressed:
    1 – Get a Wi-Fi only version announced and released ASAP!
    2 – Have another option not available in the US – a version with FULL phone capability (both voice and data). With Bluetooth and other headset and even speaker phone, this would be the BEST option since it can actually replace something.

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