SCVNGR Updates to Version 3.5 Bringing Many New Enhancements and Features


scvngr-logoAfter just crossing the 500,000 users threshold, SCVNGR is striking while the iron is hot with the release of a revamped and renovated mobile app for Android and iPhone. Aside from the initial difference in appearance (which is a pretty drastic change in itself), the 3.5 version of the app adds in a heap of features and enhancements to further shape the way you check-in.

As you may or may not know, SCVNGR offers a slightly different approach to the typical check-in social service with the inclusion of challenges that upon completion score a player points and move them up the social hierarchy. In the latest version users can now ‘+1’ their friends to give them additional points for challenges they deem worthy. Users can now comment on each other’s activity as well.

New ways to follow friends appear in the form of the Social Map and a retooled Activity Stream. The map allows you to see exactly where your friends are while the Activity Stream lets you see exactly what friends are doing at the places they visit.

If you are looking for a new take on what is quickly becoming old-hat in the social media world, SCVNGR might just be enough to breath life into your desire to check-in every where you go. Get the update in the market now.

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  1. This is a awesome idea but you honestly don’t get any real prizes, all you really get is deals and although that is still nice if a app came out were people won things. It would go wild, even if they charged two dollars a download. If your a dev think about that

  2. Never heard of it.

  3. @Homo\sHabilis – how wonderful of you to contribute such interesting thoughts to this post, and to think the rest of us have gone without your witty remarks for soo long.

    I Jest.

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