Samsung Moment Getting DJ07 Update OTA


Sprint’s announced that the Samsung Moment will be receiving a firmware upgrade over the air. It’s nothing more than a maintenance release and with the build name DJ07 and a new software version of S:M900.8.IS.DI06. It’s said that it will fix 911 call restrictions after a modem crash (related to airplane mode and data lockup) and will make enhancements to the device’s proximity sensor and lock screen. It should be rolling out starting today, but if you haven’t received it by then, be sure to visit Sprint.com on the third of November to download and apply it manually.


[via MobileBurn]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I know one thing… these Bing advertisements sure are getting annoying.

  2. ya they are

  3. where are the ads? o.o
    i cant see any bing stuff O.o

  4. If theyre getting that annoying that you have to comment on it under a completely unrelated article, shut up, post your complaints under a more appropriate forum, and get a flash blocker.
    Problem. Solved.

  5. *sigh*… so they basically fixed a basic, very serious issue just so they dont get in trouble w/ fcc regulations, and yet they dont fix either the data lockup or the dead GPS to somewhat makeup for their false advertisement… what a bunch of @$$clowns.

  6. Ok, so i have a custom rom on my phone and for some reason I keep getting a popup to install this update. To be honest, I like my phone the way it is.

    Can’t I just ignore this update prompt and have it stop asking me to install it????

    It keeps coming up every few minutes.

  7. Thats samsung for ya. The galaxy s still have no gps fix or froyo. Samsung is keeping their rep as not standing behind their products. Oh well the fascinate will be the last samsung phone that i buy

  8. Fix the Data Lockups & GPS fix and give us Gingerbread damn it!

  9. Finally…..

  10. I’m not so sure about the lockup thing. I downloaded the K9 email client and deleted my non gmail POP account from Mail. My Gmail, K9 and Dolphin HD browser with the Eclair version of Flash 10.1 installed all runs real well. Mind you, it was after A YEAR OF HELL i am none to happy with.
    But, with K9 my email just SHOWS UP! Heck, i run 2 pop accounts in K9 showing the last 50 in each with full download.
    Food for thought.

  11. Maybe I will finally have a phone that works. Only been a year of Sprint/Samsung screwing all Moment users.

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