Oct 21st, 2010

Android Market is expected on Google TVs like the Sony Internet TV in the first part of 2011 which should take the capability of your television to new levels with access to thousands of apps and games. But since Google TV is android-based, one would think that what you can do with your phone you should (at least eventually) be able to do with your TV. And by rooting your phone, you can gain access to a new level of customization not offered in default handset builds. So what if you could root your Google TV?

One member of AndroidForums – Apeman – has gained access to Recovery Mode on Sony Internet TV and has recorded video on how to do it:

Could this be the first hint at how to gain root access on Google TV? Hopefully all the modders, rooters, hackers and Software Engineers in the Android Community will head over to our Google TV forum and start comparing notes. While Google TV is cool as is, adding the ability to install apps and games prior to the expected arrival of Android Market in 2011 would be a major victory.

One of the options on the Recovery Menu is “System Update with USB” which sounds pretty promising to me. Aside from installing apps and games on your Google TV prior to launch of Android Market… what other awesome endeavors would you pursue if you could root your Google TV?

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