Don’t Miss This Limited Edition ‘Power Vampire’ Android Figurine from DYZPlastic Available on Halloween



While we were really digging this Android pumpkin from yesterday, the latest announcement from DYZPlastic easily puts that holiday offering to shame. The latest in a rather full line of collectible Android vinyl figures, Power Vampire will be available as a limited edition release for purchase on Halloween (October 31st) beginning at 2PM EST. Don’t expect these to last much longer than a couple hours at a price of $10.

Purchases are limited to two per person and will ship shortly after the date of sale. You will want to keep your browser locked in to if you don’t want to miss out.


For those of you not all that into collecting toys or Android but still wanting to get into the spooky Halloween spirit, DYZ has made a nice little holiday-themed Android wallpaper available. Get the 1920×1200 version or customize the size and layout for your phone or other device. They even provide the elements of the wallpaper to make your very own creation. Speaking of creations, show us some more Halloweeny Android goodness below!

[DYZPlastic via AndroidSpin]

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  1. Cool. They need to crank up production on the regular Andy ones as well, Dead Zebra is always out when I check.

    Any guess on a Frankenstein or Mummy one?

  2. Some pretty cool things on there site. Cant wait to snag one

  3. I Want one!!!

  4. I really want one of these, I love his android toys.

    Here’s my attempt with a blank droid of his making a zombie he sends with every order:

  5. ZOMG it’s my old RSS APP!

  6. i love how they put this on the bottom of the info.

    ” *may actually have a reflection ”


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