Oct 19th, 2010


Reuters is reporting that Verizon will begin moving into tiered data with a $15/150 MB per month promotion being offered that will last through at least the end of December. Verizon isn’t the first company to introduce such data packages, with AT&T offering a similar tiered structure. However, AT&T’s plans allocate 200 MB per month for the same price as Verizon’s and also offer an exponential increase to 2 GB for only $10 more.

With Verizon’s $15/month offer, if a user goes over their allotted bandwidth they will be charged an additional $15 to their monthly bill and given an extra 150 MB to work with as opposed to a flat data rate. That doesn’t sound too good now, does it? While Big Red decline to comment on whether or not this was in fact the beginning of their tiered pricing structure, I think it’s safe to assume that unlimited data from the carrier will shortly become a thing of the past.

[via Reuters]

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