Oct 19th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:48 pm


Locked bootloader? What locked bootloader? What many thought would be enough to make your everyday hacker throw in the towel hasn’t stopped the ambitious individual of the Android mod community from taking a stab at breaking open and toying with the handset. Remember: these are Android hackers we are talking about! They managed to root the X, get into custom recovery mode, load up a selection of custom ROMs, and now we can tack one more element on to the list. The Droid X has been overclocked.

Now, it has only been brought up to a stable 1.1GHz, but it is impressive nonetheless. Hacker and AndroidForums member FreeWELL was able to modify the Milestone 2.1  method of overclocking for deployment on the DX, and now rooted users can underclock and overclock all they want. You can check out the full thread over at our forums for instructions and info if you want to attempt to raise the CPU bar on your handset.

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