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Locked bootloader? What locked bootloader? What many thought would be enough to make your everyday hacker throw in the towel hasn’t stopped the ambitious individual of the Android mod community from taking a stab at breaking open and toying with the handset. Remember: these are Android hackers we are talking about! They managed to root the X, get into custom recovery mode, load up a selection of custom ROMs, and now we can tack one more element on to the list. The Droid X has been overclocked.

Now, it has only been brought up to a stable 1.1GHz, but it is impressive nonetheless. Hacker and AndroidForums member FreeWELL was able to modify the Milestone 2.1  method of overclocking for deployment on the DX, and now rooted users can underclock and overclock all they want. You can check out the full thread over at our forums for instructions and info if you want to attempt to raise the CPU bar on your handset.

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  1. The DX is fast to begin with. With Gingerbread on the way, it’s speculated to only get faster. Therefore, no need to OC in my view.

  2. quadrant score?

  3. I’ll pit that X against my Galaxy S any day!

  4. I wasn’t aware the X could be rooted with OTA 2.2. Can it? Where is process? Was using Easy Root…


  5. The X and the Galaxy S are awesome little speed deamons. On in sheer processing the other in graphics processing. I love both devices yet I am partial to my Droid X and Evo. I don’t do much gaming and video is beautiful on the X. My ONE AND ONLY WISH DO AWAY WITH MOTO BLUR & ALLOW ME TO DELETE VZN BLOATWARE!!!!!

  6. The Droid X has been stable overclocked to 1.3 ghz.
    If anyone would care to read the thread, me and a few others have had it running at 1.3 for a few hours now. If DroidLife and Phandroid would pay attention, they would know this

  7. >>I wasn’t aware the X could be rooted with OTA 2.2. Can it?

    Yes it can. The process is over at droid-life.com

    And getting rid of the bloatware is nice but you have to be careful not to get rid of too many of the blur apps or simple things like contacts wont work! :P

  8. i thought the droid x was rooted a long time ago already. the g2 just got clocked to stable 1.4 from cyanogen himself aswell.

  9. I’m with Joedon3 on this one….I’ll take my Fascinate over the DX any day o’ the week! The DX is way too buggy for my liking. Regardless, their both fast/nice phones and I don’t see the need in overclocking either one at this point. You get no real benefit from overclocking other than the boasting factor that your 1ghz cell now runs at 1.1 – 1.3.– big deal!

  10. OG Droid here running 1.2Ghz! (but, the lack of RAM is a bummer…)

  11. Oh yay, now I can chew through my battery 10% faster. Seriously, what’s the point??

  12. Stable at 1.4, runs like greased lightening.

  13. @Scott

    If you took the time to look at it you would find you can get the same and in some cases better battery life. But hey why read?

  14. Someone else also managed to get it running stable at 1.4GHz and posted the Quadrant result at http://smartphonebenchmarks.com

    It is sitting at #8 spot.

  15. I doubt it’s running low voltage at 1.4 GHz… I have my original Droid running at 1.25 GHz on an ultra low-voltage kernel… looks like this only thing that this has on my phone is the HUGE SCREEN and a better camera.

  16. overclocking sound good, does it harm the phone?

    also, someone mentioned the X lacked memory. out of the box it comes with 512mb… is it possible to bump that to 1gb ??? I am switching tomorrow to a Droid X. My Blackberry Storm 9530 (POS!) when tango uniform monday night while texting. the storm had like 32mb of ram, three apps buried it and the phone barely functioned. PLEASE tell me the Droid X is 1,000,000 times BETTER.

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