HanDBase Launches on Android for the Organization Obsessed



Those who just can’t function normally without having every aspect of their life filed away and organized might finally be able to do away with their nervous jitters thanks to the release of HanDBase for Android. Those jitters just from the coffee you say? Yeah…sure. Anyway, HanDBase itself is nothing new, having been around for about 12 years now and providing users with the ability to create custom database solutions to track everything from their personal finances to their burgeoning collection of vintage Burt Bacharach records.

When you create a database with HanDBase it acts more like a customized application for a specific database. HanDBase offers the ability to sync mobile data with the already available desktop applications for Windows and Mac, search and filter stored information, cross-reference other databases and share relational information, and fully encrypt your data. If you are ready to start getting your life together in a compulsive manner, you can grab the app from the Android Market, but it won’t come cheap. $9.99 is the price to pay.

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  1. This is great,, Better than always putting Info on the Notepad.!!!

  2. Amazing. Used this program way back in the day with Palm to make a data collection program for work. Was awesome back then and did away with dozens of clipboards and stacks of paper. Integrated nicely with MS Office, so eliminating tiresome data entry was the best aspect.

    Just yesterday I started looking into options to build custom applications for my job now. Made a note to search for android availability of handbase today. Now, doing my morning routine I run across this.

  3. HaHa

    I know exactly where their office is, little tiny building. Very suprising with how small of a town it is.

  4. If you are looking for a database program, this well worth the price. There is nothing else like in for Android. Very flexible and very powerful way to keep your information.

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