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We know Samsung has a nice range of accessories lined up for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but we haven’t heard anything regarding pricing and availability until now. That first part has finally been officially unveiled, at least. Highlights include everyone’s favorite keyboard dock that the Samsung Galaxy Tab sites inside of, portrait style. In the UK, its RRP will be £69.99. The multimedia desk dock – the one with the HDMI port – will run you £39.99. A leather slip case for your new 7-inch tablet will be somewhat costly at £24.99, but we have to consider this is double the size of a lot of today’s smartphones. For the full range of products, do yourself a favor and look below.


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London, UK October 19th, 2010 – Samsung Mobile today announces a wide-ranging accessories portfolio designed for its highly anticipated Galaxy Tab device, including a portable keyboard with built in docking station, exclusive to Carphone Warehouse. Samsung’s first tablet device, set to hit the shops on November 1st, will be launched with a number of accessories that perfectly complement the high quality stylish design and features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The ultra-portable android powered Galaxy Tab features a 7” screen, 1GHz processor, Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, a front facing camera for video calls and a 7-inch TFT-LCD display. It can be used for everything from watching films, viewing pictures, reading e-books and sharing documents, talking to friends and colleagues via e-mail, voice and video call, SMS/MMS, IM or social networking.

The accessories available at launch are designed to maximise the device’s features and enhance the user’s experience. From a stylish, portable keyboard that doubles as a charger; a notebook case that protects the Galaxy Tab which can also be used as a stand to view your Tab from; or a stylish leather slip case with the latest d30 technology built in to offer maximum protection; the accessories range all augment the Galaxy Tab experience.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “This range of accessories aims to complement the Galaxy Tab’s features and improve the experience the device offers – whether that’s listening to music, watching video content, playing games or editing documents. We’re delighted to be able to announce a variety of accessories available at launch, with even more to come.”

Accessories Portfolio in full:

Keyboard dock – a stylish and portable full-sized 83 key keyboard with a built-in docking station that holds the Galaxy Tab securely in a portrait position. The keyboard also has connections for the Charger and Audio output (3.5mm). Available from launch, 1st November, exclusively to Carphone Warehouse for six weeks from launch. RRP £69.99

Multimedia Desk Dock – a portrait stand for the Galaxy Tab that charges the device whilst it is in use. The multimedia desk dock includes speaker outputs (3.5mm) and mini HDMI socket. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £39.99

Notebook/Stand case – a stylish notebook case that folds back on itself to create a stand for the device. Comprised of good quality leather with built-in d30 protective technology and closing strap. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £29.99

Leather Slip Case – smart, soft leather pouch that gives excellent protection. Comprised of good quality leather with built-in d30 protective technology and closing strap. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £24.99

D30 Silicon/Gel Case – perfect protection for the Galaxy Tab, containing the revolutionary d30 technology, an intelligent protective material that transforms from a soft, flexible gel to a shock absorbent casing on impact. Available from mid-November. RRP £19.99

Portable Speakers – Work in a similar way to headphones, a compact pair of battery powered speakers enabling sharing of music with others. Available now. RRP £19.99

Headphones – Comfortable and excellent quality headsets in both black and white. Includes a 4 pole 3.5mm connector enabling users to listen to music or make and receive calls with this device. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £19.99

Samsung Memory Cards – High Speed Class 4 MicroSDHC are water, shock and magnet proof. Available now. RRP: 2GB – £8.99; 4GB – £13.99; 8GB – £23.99

Travel Adapter – A compact universal charger with UK 3 pin attachment for charging in the UK only. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £34.99

USB Data Cable – Spare or replacement USB cable for charging or connecting to a PC. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £14.99

TV-Out Cable – Connect the Galaxy Tab direct to a compatible TV or projector using composite signalling. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £14.99

In-Car Charger – In car adapter for charging the Galaxy Tab. Available from launch, 1st November. RRP £24.99

The Samsung Galaxy Tab and accessories will be available in the UK across all major networks, key high street and out of town electrical retailers and online such as Carphone Warehouse, Dixons Store Group and Tesco. The Galaxy Tab will be available on a range of attractive price packages, making it as widely accessible as possible to all consumers.

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  1. USD please…

  2. @Andy: do you want them to feed you lunch too?

  3. I’d just be happy with a US release. Now I know what the Motorola Vz crew felt like waiting for Froyo.

  4. I had the hardest time finding a quality, protective case for my tab.

    This one is a hybrid between silicone and a hard case

    check it out. Its the best I have found!

  5. What about the stylus/headset bluetooth? Its not mentioned here

  6. They have great accessories for the galaxy tab
    Silcione striped black and white cases
    The Sienna pouch
    Screen Protector
    Rear Protector
    Carbon Fiber Desk stand in Black
    Alligator Print desk stand in Pink


    its a good look!!

  7. It has been taking a while to get a good variety of third party Galaxy Tab accessory. Getting the original accessories from Samsung is good, but the accessories available from other manufacturers present more choices and sometimes better choices.

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