Android Overtakes iPhone in Ad Revenue in Latest Millennial Media Mobile Mix



No one needs to tell you that Android is growing, eating up more and more market share, and quickly becoming the dominating smartphone platform, but from time to time people like to publish reports to remind us all of just how well Android is doing. In the latest Mobile Mix from Millennial Media, the story isn’t much different. While the iOS platform remains the forerunner in terms of total market share, Android ad revenue has surpassed that of Apple’s mobile devices. In fact, Android ad requests have grown 1,284 percent since January of this year while requests on iOS have only grown by 18 percent in that time period.

Android is up to 29 percent of total smartphone share, while Apple has dropped from a dominant 70 percent in March to just under half of total smartphone users at 46 percent at the time of the report. Also of note is Motorola’s move to the number two spot of top smartphone manufacturers, overtaking Android competitor Samsung.

[Millennial Media via GigaOM]

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  1. But Jobs said no one wants to buy Android phones. :(

  2. And he is right. Nobody really wants them. They NEED them!

  3. The Man with the apple said Android is bad.

  4. @ Mitchell

    The man with the apple is right. The only problem is that it’s bad for his apple and good for everyone else. And I’m perfectly ok with that.

  5. Don’t show this to steve, for his own health.

  6. I cant wait till this crapple faze is over there product are just overpriced junk. They had there time no move over for some new better stuff. Droid

  7. Gotta laugh an Micr$urfs $500 million marketing attempt to get back in the game! The stupid moron Balmer had the smartphone market all wrapped up. It was his to lose and he did a fine job of it. In record time. Now the fool is trying to buy his way back in. Telcos and users still remember their previous crap, lack of 3rd party apps, slow speed, battery sucking software. It will be yet another Winbloz fail and I will enjoy watching every minute of it.

  8. It’s about time Apple lost it’s monopoly. I’m sick and tired of hearing misinformed people of the public saying Apple is the greatest. No it’s not, Macs are useless unless your a designer and the Iphone is no different. Why buy a car that’s only 10% compatible with the road?

  9. So this creepy guy that never changes out of his black turtleneck and blue jeans told me to fear the android. Nobody wants one. He claims his is bigger than yours and that mere 7 incher’s are dead on arrival (talking about tablet screen sizes 7 inch).

  10. Wait a min…..The Galaxy S line just sold 2 million in the US…Motorola is above HTC too?? ….how many X’s sold?? Are they still counting sales of the Droid 1??
    Last time I checked the Droid 2 didnt have good sales.

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