Bike Doctor for Android Helps you Fix your Wheels in a Jam


We’re a bit late on reporting the release of this app, but here goes nothing: Bike Doctor – a popular app from iOS device that helps you fix your bike on the go – is now available for Android. You can find the app in the Android market for around $4.80. Bike Doctor’s claim to fame is featuring 25 different bike repairs in an easy-to-view package bringing eye-pleasing graphics and transitional effects that rival its iPhone counterpart. I’m not the type to ride a bicycle myself, but I know our very own Kevin would appreciate something like this. Search “Bike Doctor” in the Android market or scan/touch the QR code below to get started, but not before checking out the features of Bike Doctor in the video below.

[Note]: This is not a review.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Worth $1 maybe but $4.80? Don’t think so, especially when you tube/Google/etc has all these fixes readily accessible from any android/iphone.

  2. Ya, $5 is pretty steep for something so limited. In all likelihood I’d never actually use it once.
    Charge a buck for something like this and everyone will buy it, charge five bucks and very few will.

  3. I’m with the first two posters. I may have purchased it for $1 just to check it out, even though I don’t need it. Avid Mountain Biker. But $4.80 for a limited amount of information that is readily available on the web for free is way too expensive.

  4. I hear ya but you gotta compare that to two things:
    1/ The cost of a bike maintenance book is probably closer to $20-$30
    2/ The cost of not knowing how to do a repair and taking it to a bike shop can start at 10-20 dollars and go up to 100’s of dollars

    So in those two scenarios the app has the potential to save you a ton of cash.

    What we are doing however is adding more repairs. The next in line is replacing a rear cassette and then were focusing on disk brake repairs that have been heavily requested.

    We’re also adding a couple more features that I think will make it even more worthy of a purchase.

    Anyway if you think it’s a little expensive then wait and see for new features to be added and decide then :)

    Any q’s let me know,

  5. I want one for common car faults :-D

  6. Anyone that’s ever had to walk a mile back to the trailhead/ car because of something simple would gladly appreciate this app. I know I’ll be downloading it.

  7. Just too much…would have bought for less..i guess I will pass. May be smarter to charge less and get more buyers…

  8. Brett, if you have to walk a mile , then app probably wont help you. Because if you have basic engineering understanding and some basic tools (without ones you should’t ride away from your yard) – you always can repair bike.

  9. if you need an app to fix a simple bike then theres something wrong. All the bike is made up of is a chain, sprocket, some wheels, and handlebars,and a few small parts but mostly the only thing that breaks is when the chain gets loose but thats like a 5 minute fix!

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