Samsung Galaxy Tab Verizon User Guide Leaks



The Samsung Galaxy Tab just got rumored for a November 1st launch on Verizon, and now the user guide is in town to further get us thinking this thing isn’t far from release. The user guide doesn’t give us much new info on specific functionality of the device (though it seems to suggest more telephony capabilities than the Tab really carries), but it does give us an idea of what Verizon is loading into the device.

Despite some evidence to suggest Verizon might be going all-out Bing, Google Search is mentioned in the guide. Expect apps pre-loaded to include NFL Mobile, Slacker, Kindle, ThinkFree Office, VCast, and VZ Navigator. Head to the source link to see the full thing.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Ive already had some hands on time with one which means they will be out very soon. I just dont understand why Samsung wont come out and officially say when…

  2. Ahh can’t wait. This tab will OWN ^_^

  3. Why does it say ‘smartphone’ when supposedly it wont make calls??

  4. Andy I was thinking the EXACT same thing. And I SOOOOO wish they would give us a Tab with pay-as-you-go data…

  5. that’s not for the Galaxy Tab – it’s for the Galaxy Continuum…

  6. Please sweet lord tell me this freaking thing is a phone too!!!!!!! I have to many things to carry around now. I don’t want to carry my blackberry my work blackberry AND this freaking thing!!!!!

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