Sony Intros 16.41MP Camera Capable of 1080p HD Video, Showing Up in Phones Next Year


thumb160x_sony164mpsensorIf you thought the 14MP camera found in the Altek Leo was impressive, wait until you get a load of this 16.41MP bad boy Sony just dropped. The Exmore R-based CMOS sensor will be hitting handsets starting next year and will be sure to do its part in the continual ante-upping of the smartphone wars.

The camera shoots 1080p HD video at 30fps with back-illumination to reduce image noise. The camera, along with an 8.13MP baby brother, will be available for manufacturers to take advantage of starting in January, with Sony no-doubt using it in their own offerings.

The lower megapixel camera might not pack all the punch of the big daddy, but it more than makes up for it in its slim profile at 5.67mm. Perfect for the handset a bit concerned about its size. You can check out more info at Sony’s site and even see some comparison images.

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  1. But can it run Crysis?

  2. For this small of a sensor, more MP doesn’t necessarily mean a better picture.

  3. True B L — plus you’d have to have a 25MP camera in order to have a picture twice the size of that from a 5MP camera. Outside all of that, who the hell NEEDS more than 5MP if they’re not using an SLR to take an image that will be made into a building-sized poster?

  4. I agree with @BL.

    It needs quality. That’s one thing that handset makers are getting lost in. They see the fast and big numbers and beefy specs. It needs quality in all of it so it can shine. 1Ghz sounds good but it needs a awesome graphics chip. 8mp is nice but why does the 5mp take better pictures then the 8mp on the Evo? Quality is why.

  5. From my past experiences Sony tends to LOVE marketing numbers such as this. Though they generally make good products, they focus too much on specs and there name to sell there products.

    Plus being a rookie in photography, the saying goes: “Friends dont lets friends shoot Sony Cameras!” Referring to there Alpha line of DSLR’s

  6. @Jouten

    If you have nothing to say just STFU. Your joke is getting old.
    This needs a high end phone to process the bloated pixels. Also a fast SDcard for the 1080p.
    And again,you have the files, yet you can’t upload it online because of the size.

  7. geez chill out jeetu

  8. 1920×1080= 2,076,300 pixels. I agree with people who say 5 MP is enough. If you want phones to have cameras, at least attempt to give us programs that will take good pictures. I hate marketing numbers and wish more people understood them so they wouldn’t use useless numbers anymore.

  9. The 5MP camera on my Fascinate takes much better (or rather higher quality) pictures than my brothers 8MP on his DroidX. (The video quality is better too, and much much smoother) Like the others said, quality over quantity. The ONLY reason you need more MP is if you plan on printing most of your pictures over the 4×6 / 5×7 range. That’s the MAIN reason to go after higher megapixels. The average file size of a high resolution picture on my phone is 1.6MB. Imagine the file size using a 16MP camera on your phone. It’s going to eat up storage space quicker than you can say jack rabbit slims!

  10. Yeah let’s see bigger/better sensors first.

  11. The problem is NOT the amount of pixels, it is the SIZE of them. You simply can’t beat physics.

    Let’s say you have a 6MP sensor-chip with the size of a small finger nail. Now you try to squeeze 12MP on the same area. Thats great, but the amount of light is still the same. The lenses are still the same. Yes, you have more MP, but you would’t get a better picture.

    Not only you wouldnt get a better picture, NO, the overall quality will be WORSE. Why? Between every pixel is a “border” which can’t process light. More pixels -> more “gaps” between them -> less light. Less light means an overall reduced image quality because of a higher ISO Value and more noise. Noise -> Noise reduction -> loss of details.

    I have an old Canon EOS DSLR with 12.1MP but I meet people on the streets who actually think jzst because their point&shoot has 14mp, their pictures are going to turn out better.


  12. running Android 1.5…

  13. Very funny, Kennon. Except this is a lens for use in cameras, not a phone. Lenses don’t run Android.

  14. Umm, Dan.. read the article title.. this lense is for a Phone…

  15. @dangrover, as non-sequiter as the statement is. he makes a good point. manufacturers, instead of making outstanding phones that everyone can use seem to find one outstanding feature and stick it on an otherwise gimped phone. it’s like you can either have water or a glass, but not both.

  16. this is great news i am sure people will love it.

  17. but as a vzw sales rep i’m gonna go, “hey customer, this has a 16mp camera, can’t beat that!” and they’re all over it, andddd cash in my pocket.

  18. Again, unless you plan on enlarging your photos to 8 1/2 x 11 size or larger, anything higher than 5mp isn’t going to give you a better picture. But there are those out there that have no clue and because it’s a higher number, will foolishly fork out the money just so they can say “nanny nanny boo boo, I’ve got more megapixels than you do!”. Alrightythen!

  19. @Jeetu
    You shut the fuck up! I thought the joke was pretty funny. In fact, I’m still laughing about it. Wait, now I’m rolling on the floor. I just shit my pants from laughing.

  20. guys, sorry a bit off topic in this, but seems like u guys are the ones i could ask about in this. How about nokia N8’s 1/1.83″ sensor? is that supposed to make n8 camera’s the better one?and how is that compared to, say like, a great point and shoot camera, or even a DSLR? thanks for helping me understanding this..

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