Oct 6th, 2010

The question and answer session following Verizon’s keynote just finished up and some pretty interesting things came out of the result of everyone’s curiosity. One thing many of you were wondering about whenever Verizon is ready to launch their first LTE phones (which we expect at least one of them to be Android-based) is whether or not you”ll be able to talk on the phone while using data. Many assumed so considering LTE radios were different from the radios Verizon currently uses for data and voice.


We now have official confirmation that this will be the case. Most users on Verizon still won’t be able to enjoy this newfound convenience until at least 2012 where two-thirds of their network will be covered with LTE. By 2013, the entire network will be covered with LTE. Essentially, that means everyone will be given the capability to consume bytes of data while talking as long as they have an LTE phone. The only question that remains is this how many LTE phones? What’s coming out? While we couldn’t pull the details out of Verizon, we should be learning more at CES where they stressed they’d be getting on stage to reveal more LTE-centric products heading into 2011.

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