Empire Strikes Back: The Force Is With All Verizon Customers


You might need a certain level of geekery to get the official R2D2 Droid 2 from Verizon Wireless, which by the way you can still do as of this post, but what about other VZW Star Wars fans who haven’t the hundreds to shell out for a collectors device? Well young Skywalker, you shall have the opportunity to download the free app on Android Market from the “Verizon” section.

Certain features of the app will actually cost $3 to unlock and the price gets tacked onto your Verizon Wireless bill at the end of the month. The guys at Droid-Life had the opportunity to test the app out a bit and report it includes live wallpapers, a movie clip, soundboard, widgets, scavenger hunt, news feed, and triva challenge.

If you’re a Star Wars fan and Verizon customer we hope this helped, but if you’re the type to dress up like a Wookie and play Hookie to get one of the first R2D2 phones, you probably already knew all this. Either way… let the force Droid be with you.

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  1. tesstinn v phan app

  2. Let the Force Close be with you! How this POS passed quality control may forever be a mystery. I’ve taped things on VHS with rabbit ears that come out at better quality than this…

  3. Is this the new Verizon scheme? The app is free, but the unlock it, they carrier bill you. This totally bypasses the google market, and any refunds you might have been entitled to.

  4. ^ +1 – app was force closed due to error on mine… already uninstalled…

  5. Got the APK to install on my Nexus….I have the Force (Close). Hoping I can get it to work on non Verizon devices.

  6. that’s a really terrible joke. don’t do that.

  7. Correction: The Force is only with the Droid r2d2, Droid 2, and Droid X, according to the app description. That’s probably why everyone else is having problems with it.

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