Maintenance Update Rolling Out for Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile



A maintenance update is currently rolling out for the Motorola Cliq XT. It goes without saying that this ISN’T a move up to Android 2.1, but rather a series of bug fixes and enhancements to help improve stability and overall phone performance and speed. Also eliminated are bugs for erroneous notifications that a message has not been sent and Bluetooth connectivity issues. The update is topped off with the latest version of Swype. Oh, and about that 2.1 update: Moto is still holding to the quoted Q4 date for its delivery. Fingers crossed.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. why they even bother with anything if is not 2.1? poor tmobile customers.

  2. Ooooh….A maintenance update! Grumble grumble grumble! Good thing Im getting my Vibrants todays!

  3. why is anyone complaining? i’ve had this upgrade since the trial, and it’s a great update. if you like swype, it makes it twice as nice..

    but this upgrade really brings it to the table. camera loads up in less than a second, touch response is FAST, phone temperature is much better even under load, browser is quicker, bluetooth is completely pretty much fixed, gps is way more stable even via telenav, the music player doesn’t glitch on some album images, and more than anything, NO MORE MISSING TEXT/PICTURE MESSAGES [if you had them] and definitely less lag!

    I can’t even imagine how good this phone will be after real 2.1

  4. Why Bother??? i can see how you would want a newer OS but im getting reports of my apps force closing on some cliqxt phones. Hopefully this fix fixes that too

  5. ive been a tmo customer for 5 yrs and i recently moved to verizon b/c tmos prices for existing cust SUCK its gonna cost me $450 w/ a 2yr contract to get the vibrant. thats ok cuz i just got the moto droid x for $179. their service sucks where i live too. verizon is much better. moto cliq cust r never goona get 2.1

  6. Steven you really think they are gonna upgrade that vibrant either? It’s all a racket. None of these phones are gonna get upgraded, they want you to just buy a new model. It’s a god dam joke.

  7. They STILL haven’t updated this phone? What a complete joke. I had a Cliq, but left TMO for Sprint, and although Sprint’s CS totally blows the HTC EVO is all the phone I’ll need for a few years.

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