Tablet of the Day: Disgo’s 7-inch 1GHz Slate


We’re met with another day of the week and no shortage of Android tablets in sight. This one’s from a company called Disgo and doesn’t offer much different from any of their competitors attacking the market in its price range of £180. A resistive WVGA touchscreen, 1GHz prcoessor, 256MB of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, WiFi N, microSD card slots, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and mini USB ports make up the usual bits.


It does offer something a bit more extra, however, in micro HDMI-out port. That alone might be worth the price of admission for some of you, but everything else is pretty standard. We’re sure there’s no Android market to be had with this so you’ll have to look to third party marketplaces to get the apps you want on it.

[via Reg]

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  1. resistive screen+256mb ram -> no thank you!

  2. I guess 7inch is the max screen size for 2.2 and 3.0 will will bring the 10″ capabilities. Thats what I’m waiting for.

  3. No camera, no sensors, no market -> no party -> no thanks

  4. I dunno – you could have one under your pillow and use the wifi-N to get plenty porn when the OH’s still watching telly.

    Mind you’d really want Flash for that.

  5. Google says Froyo is not “tablet ready” sans the Galaxy Tab for some strange reason. Hurry up Google and get an official OS ready before the holidays. No iPads under my tree.
    Couldn’t the? Armstrong be accessed via some work around?

  6. The “Android Market ” be accessed…..

  7. Rather getting the archos 701!!

  8. No market will make it hard to sell, get it? hahaha. I win! but seriously, this is a really nice low end tablet, who knows what company they used for their parts if they are using skyfire as the browser for starters, then they have no marketplace, this has to be one of the weakest to come out yet, might as well put chinese knock off on it, because no one will buy this.

  9. @pimpstrong: No, screen size isn’t really the issue, resolution is. Officially 2.x is “limited” to 800×480 (Landscape), but it can technically support any higher resolution. The problem is that applications that weren’t expecting a resolution that high (say 1024×600 like the Galaxy Tab, for example) may not behave very well, and Google doesn’t want that (and presumably neither would the tablet manufacturer). The Galaxy Tab is a good example of how a higher resolution will work just fine on 2.x. I suspect that this tablet lacks other features that are required for access to the exclusive Market Club, such GPS, Accelerometer, Phone, etc. Here’s the website if you care to dig further (I can’t be bothered):

    On the topic of this tablet….Yuck. Resistive screen? Really? If I wanted that I would purchase a cheap, Chinese tablet. Plus it has a crappy-looking custom skin. Blargh! I suspect that this is just a re-branded, Chinese POS. Run away!!!

  10. ” guess 7inch is the max screen size for 2.2″

    Dell has a 10″ model out in a few weeks.

  11. Resistive screen FTW. I’m serious, I want something I can use a stylus and/or a fingernail with. Capacitive screens only seem to recognize about half of what I try to do.

  12. Archos has a 10″ 16gb capacitive tab releasing in a few weeks with Froyo and Flash 10.1.

    1. Full usb host with full size connector
    2. Micro sd
    3. Same chipset as Droid X
    4. HDMI output of tablet content
    5. Almost every video codec that is used
    6. Micro usb connector


  13. Sounds cool Rush does it have the market?

  14. Don’t think it will be able to access the apps market. Do hope the Android 3.0 will come out fast and fix all these slates issues.

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