Mobilicity in Canada Latest to Sell the Nexus One


If you thought any new carriers wouldn’t be interested in picking up the Nexus One to offer to their customers, guess again. Canadian carrier Mobilicity has announced that they will be offering the device for their customers, but there’s no subsidy to take advantage of. You can buy it from $549.99 (that’s Canadian) and it comes with Android 2.2, a 1GHz processor, a 3.7-inch touchscreen, the awesomeness that is the illuminated trackball, and more. Read on for full price details.3


Google phone coming to Mobilicity
Wireless carrier to debut its first Android device; continues to enhance handset lineup with popular smartphones for unlimited data customers
Toronto, ON – September 30, 2010 – Mobilicity today announced it is carrying the Nexus OneTM by GoogleTM smartphone, a state-of-the art AndroidTM 2.2 device known for its sleek form factor, fast performance and Google enhancements for seamless integration with Gmail, Google Earth and live desktop wallpapers.
The Nexus One is part of Mobilicity’s growing lineup of popular smartphones and is a great choice for sophisticated smartphone users on one of Mobilicity’s unlimited data plans.
Available soon at select Mobilicity stores for $549.99, the Nexus One features a spectacular, 3.7-inch brilliant touch-screen display and a 1GHz Qualcom Snapdragon core processor – the fastest on the market. Considered a multi-tasker’s dream come true, the device is designed to simultaneously run 3D graphics, online applications and multiple programs running in the background without slowing down.
The Android device also features Google’s voice-activated keypad – voice recognition software that automatically converts speech to text messages, email, social networking updates and built-in GPS and mapping applications.
For those who rely on smartphones for mobile access to email and the Internet, Mobilicity’s data options are simply unrivaled in Canada. Unlimited data can be added onto any Mobilicity unlimited talk plan for only $20 – making the price for unlimited voice and data $45 a month. The company also offers unlimited data, unlimited global text, unlimited talk and unlimited North American long-distance for $65 a month – Canada’s best all-in-one wireless value.
Mobilicity customers do not require a contract or credit check – nor do they need to worry about incurring extra, hidden charges.
About Mobilicity (DAVE Wireless)
Mobilicity, Canada’s UNLIMITED 3.5G mobile operator, provides city-based consumers with simple, value-packed talk, text and data plans on its state-of-the-art, unlimited 3.5G network – without contracts, credit checks or hidden charges. Formerly known as Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless), the company is led by Obelysk, a diversified Canadian holding company, and Quadrangle Capital Partners, a global investor in the telecommunications and media sectors with more than $3 billion of capital under management. Mobilicity was recently named one of Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming Information & Communication Technology start-ups by the Branham Group Inc. Further information about Mobilicity can be found at www.mobilicity.ca.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Too good to be true? It is … Mobilicity only covers small portion of Toronto i.e. Oakville, Pickering, Ajax and the outskirts, etc not covered at all. So, for 99% of the Ontario market be prepared to be killed with the roaming charges of 20c/min WOW! If you happen to be in 3.5G Happy Toronto area, well make sure you don’t leave it cuz, ya know, be prepared to see nice digits on your bill. Having said that…Good Luck to Mobilicity and I wish them fast success and quick expansion as we need more serrious, client oriented carriers in this country of ours. Oh Canada,…

  2. Would this phone work on T-Mobile? Can I purchase it from Mobilicity and use it on T-Mobile?

  3. LMAO! Poor Canada! Google already stopped selling the N1 in the US. Im sorry guys! I feel bad

  4. @Raul, Yup. Mobilicity uses the same 3G frequencies as T-Mobile, so it should work there.
    @Steven, You mean poor US? For my money, the Nexus One is still the best Android device going. We’re lucky that we can buy it here.

  5. Mobilicity is awesome, so is Wind and the other new carriers. Their roaming charges are less than Robbers, Telus and Bells regular cost/min!!! $65/months lets you basically talk, text, and surf all f’n day long. Try that on the the other guys and you’ll get one of their famous mortgage size bills. Screw them all.

    Wind & Mobilicity are doing us sorry ass canadians a big service, if you were smart u’d be on it.

    ps: N1 from mobilicity will work on t-mo.

  6. @Dave

    The best is only based on what you want out of a device. Plus, a device is only as capable as the carrier backing it up. I do agree its one hell of a good phone, but…it is aging quickly. 1.3ghz phones are already on there way!

  7. This is a device that will cost a lot of money and there is no discount…it’s poor coverage, it’s like wind mobile only the ontario version, I think I will still wait for koodo to get an android device and then go from there.

  8. Mobilicity is a joke.

    Their coverage is still limited to the the inner city area of Toronto. Hardly a new national network to give the telcos competition.

    They have no announced plans of expanding anytime soon either so who cares.


  10. Its not a joke for those who actually live and work within the covered areas! The plans are definitely better than what big 3 offers. More competition is good – what are you complaining about?

    All of this applies to Wind as well, obviously.

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