Motorola i886 – Android-based iDEN with QWERTY – Hits FCC


Motorola’s gearing up to launch their next Android-based iDEN phone as the Motorola i886 just traversed through the FCC in familiar fashion. The FCC filing brought to surface the phone’s user guide which gives us a very clear look at what we’re getting. It’s unique not just because it’s the first Android-based iDEN with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but because it’s the first Android-based phone with both a slide-out QWERTY and a traditional hardware alphanumeric keypad (at least as far as I can remember.)


There aren’t many specs to talk about yet, but we know it’ll feature Push-to-Talk support over the iDEN network, a 2-megapixel camera with video recording, microSD card support, GPS, and Bluetooth. No word on which version of Android it’s running, but we’d venture to guess 2.1 with MOTOBLUR.

Head on over to the FCC to check out the user guides for yourself (.pdf files) where they tell you things like “when you open your phone, the screen adjusts for you.” I would hope it did.

[via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I wonder if this will utilize wifi or a data package to utilize gmail (contacts) or the market. I have a feeling that it is a stripped down version of android.

  2. What about the motorola t2 or the verizon desire hd? Sorry for being off topic, lol. Those ar the only phones I’m interested in right now!

  3. @ Nyreyn,then why are you reading this article?

  4. Ummm… BURN IT! BURN IT WITH FIRE!!! What is that like a 2″ touch screen? Unless your an infant or you like to use your pinky finger to do anything most adult fingers are just WAY too big for that thing.

  5. @rags
    I don’t know, lol! I just want someone to spill more info on those phones!

  6. “Note: Your phone might look a little different.”

    For some reason, this is really funny to me. Or is it ironic…?

  7. What about the screen?? SIZE??

  8. No mention of touchscreen controls. First non-touch screen android?

  9. What about ANDROID QWERTY FOR SPRINT??? Not-a-rolla is bullshitting about android phones for sprint. These Nextels DONT COUNT

  10. what the hell is this??this is not what android is about!!android has good devices made for them and then Motorola is making stupid ass phones and making android look bad!!the moto charm,moto flipout,moto backflip and now this?? do they honestly think somebody will buy this??2 thumbs down to motorola!!!

  11. No Android is about openness. Honestly, I can say I like this phone. Sure it may not be a very top of the line phone but it does have access to The Android Markets thousands of apps. Although some may be limited, it’s still what Android is about. Being able to be adapted for use on any phone. I was kind of looking forward to when one of these companies would use android on a seemingly feature phone. Two thumbs up to Motorola!

  12. Finally an Android for Hairy Chested work glove wearing Men! An android I can use with the gloves on and in direct sunlight.

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