Logitech Poised to Ship 500k Google TV Boxes by End of 2010



While details on a release date are still sketchy, Logitech has big plans for their Revue Google TV box. The set-top Android device should hit shelves just in time for the holiday season, and the company and its partners are hoping Google TV will be the must-have gift. So confident is Logitech in the Revue that they are gearing up to move 500 thousand units from factory to store before 2010 ticks away. There is even word that some shipments are already making their way from Taiwan to the US in anticipation of an early October release.

Now keep in mind shipping forecasts don’t necessarily mean sales forecasts. Logitech sure hopes 500 thousand households want a Google TV box this year, but you also must remember it won’t be the only avenue to get Google TV. There are Sony televisions and Dish Network boxes for that as well. So even if GTV is a huge success it won’t be all on Logitech’s supply chain to provide the units. The Revue does however come across as the most logical choice for those who aren’t planning to buy a new HDTV any time soon and prefer not to be subscribed to Dish Network. I, for one, call dibs on one of those 500 thousand Revue boxes though.

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  1. It will benefit readers if you educate us on how this set-top box works. Thanks.

  2. I’ll wait until the price is $50 Right now I fail to see the value in something any reputable cable provider already offers (i.e. FIOS). Not to mention the whole point of having a tablet was the convenience of sitting next to the couch to look up info on a TV show, her commercial, etc etc.

  3. Dish does not have their own box. The VIP922 was rumored that it would eventually have Google TV built in, but now Dish is saying that it doesnt have the processing power. They are just offering the Revue to its customers for a reduced price (kind of like a cell phone)… but rumor also has it that they will charge a small monthly fee for “added features” that you wouldnt be able to get on other TV providers… just another way for Dish to nickel and dime its customers!

  4. @SNAKEOILSALESMAN – There arent many details on how it works aside from that fact that it is going to combine TV and internet. Early estimates are that it will allow a GoogleTV overlay on top of your cable to allow you to search for TV shows interactively, browse the internet with a picutre-in-picture of your tv show in the corner, stream video from a number of sources (possibly locally as well), and allow you to use the power of android (gaming, apps, etc) on your tv. There is also a chance the logitech revue will allow a hard drive to be connected for DVR and storage. This is a complete guess as the unit has 2 USB ports on the back (at least early versions did).

    @derrickISONLINE – the whole point of having GoogleTV and specifically the Revue box is so that you dont have to have anything else with you while watching TV. Personally, I would rather be able to do everything on my TV while watching it without having to worry about handling a tablet/laptop/netbook and my TV remote just so I can look up information about a commercial. With the Revue, you can look it up on your TV while continueing to watch TV. Simplicity is best, IMO. I may be biased in this point as I think tablets are ridiculous. Outside of business/work use while on the job, I see no functionality of a tablet that I cannot perform on my Nexus or other smartphone. But again, this is just my opinion as I know many people love their tablets.

  5. @snakeoilsalesman

    you should probably look into more than a single article if you want to know how something works. phandroid probably wont reiterate its purpose 100 times over various posts.

    I’m really excited about this, I am probably going to have it before the end of the year. I agree that the price may not be right right now, but I’ve never really cared about that. I’m a huge phan of jumping on new technology and this is certainly going to be one of those. Hopefully I’ll have a tablet around black friday (assuming moto/htc gets their sh!t together).

  6. I cannot wait for this, just show me where I can preorder!

  7. I just bought a roku which basically does the same thing as the google TV at a quarter of the price.

  8. i’m ready to buy. This box is on the top of my holiday wish list.

  9. $50 and Netflix streaming will make me buy it, although yet another box on top of my cable box will be annoying. They need to get with cable companies like comcast and verizon to integrate it into their cable boxes the way TIVo has with comcast.

  10. There is still no information about the release date yet. Hoping !

  11. i’m going to wait for the dust to settle a bit, every time i fire up another wifi device i get an ip address conflict message on some of them.

  12. No go for me, not if they aren’t even going to try to compete with the prices of similar devices. $300 is way too much, once again Logitech takes a great idea and ruins it by overpricing it.

  13. I still don’t get the benefit.

    @ jaeisber: “I would rather be able to do everything on my TV while watching it without having to worry about handling a tablet/laptop/netbook and my TV remote just so I can look up information about a commercial”

    ..So there have been multiple occasions where you have been watching a TV show and the commercial was so interesting that you had go online and learn more about that product immediately? There better be a more compelling consumer benefit than that. I can’t recall a consumer study where I’ve heard people say they want MORE from their commercials.

    As for surfing the net while watching TV – maybe if you’re by yourself. But anyone living with anyone else would disagree – I certainly don’t want someone minimizing my screen to check the weather when i’m trying to watch a show. Netflix on-demand? Ok maybe. But another stand alone box for that? Probably not. Use your Wii or your cable company

  14. @MC – I was simply replying to the comment above me in which they said they would use a tablet to look up information on a commercial. Has there been a time where I have seen an advertisement for something and it has caught my interest to the point where I want to know more? Yes…there has. But there are many more uses for this…perhaps fantasy sports. Many times during football season, I find myself switching between my computer and the game on my TV to check my stats, pick up a player, drop a player, etc… If i could keep the game up while doing that, I would be a much happier person.

    Or what about times where you are watching something on TV and a thought comes in to your mind about something (check in for a flight, find out directions to some place, find out what time the bank closes, etc, etc) and you are in the middle of watching a show. With GTV, you can just pop open chrome with your show in the corner and do what is necessary.

    On top of that, you now have the ability to stream movies/tv shows/music from multiple sources (potentially even an external device), along with the future addition of Android Apps, and the ability to control every piece of home theatre equipment connected to your TV with your phone. The simple fact that I would be able to control every aspect of my home theatre with my Nexus One is enough for me to spend the money.

  15. Also throw in the fact that you can search for TV shows from GTV and you have a winner.

  16. I’m not sure if Google gets it. They want to increase search traffic with Google TV what they need is mass market adoption like android. 299 is not the price point that will do that. Same reason that the Dell streak is a failure and why the Samsung Tab will fail. Price point is to high no wants another 2 year data plan.

  17. @MC et al

    This is a true convergence device. The basic idea is that the Google TV overlay will allow you to use Google’s formidable search technology to seek content from multiple sources. Potentially, keywords will yield results from your personal media library, your cable/satellite provider, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many other services seamlessly. The lines between sources will be blurred to the point it will no longer matter to you where the content is coming from.

    Added value comes from the ability to run certain Android apps, control all your equipment from one controller (and your cell phone) and access a complete version of the internet (including email, messaging, maps). The technology might even be extended to include home automation features. Advertising partners will love it because Google will be able to tailor ads to the content you are watching, generating a revenue stream that might lead to additional content.

    I’m surprised at the price complaints. This technology is a logical enhancement to some of Logitech’s higher-end Harmony equipment, which is in the region of $300-400.

  18. That would be a rather unfortunate price point. My hope for this is to add enough content that I won’t miss satellite TV. I am dropping Dish this weekend anyway due to one too many price hikes, once my UVerse internet service is hooked up (no TV, just internet.) Between OTA broadcast stations and Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, I don’t think there’s that much to miss. This could be the missing link, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. $300 is too much.

  19. Will the new Logitech box for Google TV play Windows Media and Real Player streaming audio/video? Will it display Adobe Flash? How much will the monthly plan be?

  20. Folks, you guys have to remember that electronics (other than cell phones) tend to drop in price permanently. Eventually these devices will be $50 just like DVD players…but it is not unexpected that a brand new device would be $300+ at launch. That will probably mean that you have to wait for the cheap Walmart brand…Logitech isn’t exactly known for making cheap stuff.

    That being said, I think it is extremely smart to launch as a stand alone box, on TVs, and with Dish Network. That should allow some room for failure.

  21. i want to buy the logitecg revue box today 2010 /03/10 where can I buy it today. leroy Sr.

  22. I realize that the Logitech Revue has already been released by now but I just wanted to share a little bit of my feedback. I have the opportunity to play with the Logitech revue and I’m absolutely impressed. It’s basically turning you’re major TV in the home into your computer. Not just because I’m a DISH subscriber and DISH employee but I would recommend this devise to anyone who enjoy TV and internet usage. The set up is incredibly easy, and the navigation on the HD is perfect. You can search Google for Youtube.com while your favorite TV show is in on commercial. The search navigation is flawless. –Christopher DeHerrera

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