First T-Mobile G2 Unboxing Hits YouTube


Well some of you actually got your devices sooner than we thought you would! One lucky reader of TmoNews’ already got his T-Mobile G2 and was gracious enough to give us a quick and dirty unboxing video. This will probably be our last post regarding the T-Mobile G2 for the night as we know we’re flooding the front page about it, but we can’t help but be excited – this is the sequel to the first ever “Google phone”! Hit the video up below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

RadioShack Selling the T-Mobile G2 October 3rd for $149.99?

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  1. looked a little laggy going thru the homescreen. but still geting it. cant wait to see this baby overclocked! and running a desire z rom.

    That just killed those apple iBoners

  2. the phone had just booted up it was loading widgets and whatnot… idiot

  3. @kidd just pointing it out. not a dealbreaker tho

  4. Wow! Send that one back… it’s already got a mass amount of fingerprints on it. :D

  5. @Drake Fan, that brief slowness is the phone starting up all its services and syncing with your Gmail account. It happens on all phones, but only really lasts a couple seconds. This phone load up was pretty quick IMO.

  6. WTF no phone condom like the G1 and Nexus One?? LOL

  7. Drake Fan, as a previous owner of an Android device, I hope you enjoy it. I’ made the switch over to an iPhone for various reasons (Applications are more polished, most of good applications on Android are half-assed ports from the iPhone). The User Interface is more unified, and the over OS is more user friendly. The overall build of the device is also top-notch. The front button is also ugly.

    I’m not an Apple fan, but Android is seriously lacking a lot right now which made me switch away. The boot up is nice, but in reality, I don’t even turn my phone off that much.

  8. i couldn’t understand what this guy was saying even after i turned my bose speakers to full blast… MUMBLER!

  9. We recieved one today at work and I love it! Amazing phone. Comes with a ton of apps preloaded. Only issue is the fact that it does NOT have internet teathering with out downloading the app.. Nor can you make it a mobile hotspot.

  10. I just ran a quadrant on it and pulled a 1692! I love this phone ..

  11. Come November 18 this will be my next phone! =) Depends on wat the MyTouch HD brings to the table, but most likely I’m gettin this cuz its a very known phone due to the G1. HTC here I come I’m ditchin Motorola for u so u better make my life easier in the phone department

  12. ^Did it really? Thats faster than I can get on my Nexus One…

  13. hold the video camera still….oh wait, a fly is taking the video..oh sorry

  14. Yep, ran the Nexus and got a 1252 and a 1692 on the G2 baby!

  15. Possibly the worst unboxing I have ever seen and it’s never a good idea to handle your phone after applying lotion. I’ve seen fewer finger prints on my 11 year olds phone.

  16. @ max what’s a quadrant….if it make my phone go faster tell me please….lol

  17. I loved the background/tablecloth. Looked like all his passwords for the interwebs along with giberish and maybe some phone numbers.


  18. Talking about the G2, I just got 2 G2’s today from UPS. pretty nice Device. lolz Got it very sooner than expected

  19. What’s funny is this video would look better if it was shot by a G2…

  20. The iPhone 4 laughs at it. This is the best Google and HTC can do?


  22. Though I’m a Samsung fan, it’s always good to see new phones come out! I like how sturdy it looks. I had the G1 and that thing could take some abuse.

    PS – I got 2250 on my Vibrant without overclocking. 3000+ is easily achieved by oc’ing. Anyway, I don’t really care too much about Quadrant.

  23. @darwin: “The iPhone 4 laughs at it. This is the best Google and HTC can do?”

    Here we go again.. Is there still attention left for the iPhone? WP7 even makes more buzz than the iPhone these days.

    It could be that Steve Jobs did not give you a free apps today.

    The important thing is, I am getting my G2 tomorrow and we have HSPA+ in our area. Enjoy your 56kpbs speed mr apple boy.

  24. Your Unboxing SUCKS, you spent so much time swinging the camera around it let me with nausia. You didnt once open the browser to show off the ONE perk this phone has over an other…HSPA+ data speeds. Dont quite your day job cameraman.

  25. Got a text message and a tracking number that mine is one it’s way

  26. nothing that special, i starting to think Nokia is right on their statement on Android.

  27. ARGH, please use a tripod or stand your camera on something static!

  28. Does the desireZ supports hspa+??

  29. Kinda wish i stuck with tmobile now

  30. meh! the phone is straight. i wont mention it not having the ffc. but i will say that im surprised they REMOVED the tethering!!!! no tv out atleast.its fast but no for me. i guess i will keep my phone service suspended(under lost and stolen not for lack of payment. smart ass!) until november. I will pass. and its actually much heavier than the g1 which is kind of weird but whatever. whoever buys this device enjoy. Bash free post!! LOL

  31. @Darwin – Personally I can’t remember the last time I visited an Apple site because I have no interest in the
    CrapPhone4 or anything else they make. You however, are in an Android site so you are obviously suffering from buyers remorse and you choose to take a pot-shot at a middle-of-the-road Android phone that easily embarasses the IPhone4.
    How’s that awesome AT&T service big guy??

  32. @Darwin

    whats an iphone all i know is Droid X and 2…HTC Evo and Samsung epic 4g

  33. I’m an android fan myself but this phone is lackluster, it’s only running an 800mhz processor in it with 3.7 in screen while other android phones from even nearly a year ago have had 1ghz processors and some with 4in screens and now galaxy s with a 16gb flash memory unit. Also because of the g2 running the 800mhz processor, it won’t be able to get the gingerbread update at end of year because of gingerbread requiring 1ghz processor, and could use 3.7in screen, but they say you would really want a 4in screen for it.

  34. @ Mike, Those are “recommended” specs not required.

  35. Isn’t the processor supposed to be 2nd generation Snapdragon, so it’s better than the 1Ghz 1st generation?

  36. I’m pretty sure they said 1ghz is minimum, at any rate, no it’s not second generation snapdragon otherwise it would be a downgrade for it, so processor is actually slower then nexus one, galaxy s, and all the droid variants

  37. Nvm I see the recommended

  38. @ Mike the processor might actually perform better than a 1GHz Snapdragon. There are a lot of things that go into how well a processor performs, and believe it or not, the “MHz count” isn’t always at the top of that list.

  39. This 800 mhz processor is the Scorpion aka 2nd gen Snapdragon. Bottom line is this processor out performs the 1 ghz Snapdragon and will support Gingerbread. End of story…

  40. The processor is downclocked for one, for battery performance. It IS the 1ghz proc, and can easily be clocked past that point given how well one could overclock the original snapdragon.

    Also, this has the newest Adrino graphics chip built into it as well, which performs only slightly slower than Galaxy S right now.

    Its funny watching a whole new generation of computer illiterate people play the “OMFG MHZ MEANS AWESOME, LOW MHZ MEANS YOU TEH SUCK” game again. Mhz mean jack if you are wasting clockcycles, its much better to have an efficient but slower process than the opposite. You can see this from the quad scores coming from this phone, just as easily as you can see it in the pc cpu market.

  41. Yes snapdragon is old, but they still do have newer 1ghz processors that out performes it

  42. @Mike “, it won’t be able to get the gingerbread update at end of year because of gingerbread requiring 1ghz processor”

    ^^ Was already disproven that it was required for Gingerbread. They said same thing for Froyo that a 1Ghz was required too. Same rumor different release.

    And I got mine yesterday and it loads programs and sites faster than my Nexus does and I’d have to say was a worthy switch.

  43. love the phone !! cant wait to get mine…..but offtopic…..was I the only one trying to read what was written on all those papers under the G2 instead of the phone….it was really distracting. i have an inquisitive technical mind..lol

  44. I cant believe people are stupid like @Mike.

    G2 is like a Cow that can run at the speed of 800 MPH and the others are Rabbits that can run at 1000 MPH. Now their mission is to carry a 100 lbs of gold from point A to point B. The rabbit may be able to run faster but can only carry 5 lbs every cycle/trip. The cow maybe slow but will be able to carry all the load in 1 trip.

    Now, if the G2 is faster than all other 1Ghz snapdragon in doing a task and all 1Ghz devices are allowed to get Android 3.0, tell me reasons why the faster G2 can’t get it.

  45. For the people bashing the speed of the device before even using it”CHILL OUT”!! Trust me the device is snappy. Yeah its not a 1 ghz processor but at this moment it doesnt matter because this device is nice. I wont purchase it because: 1. its a little heavier than the g1. 2. no tethering(out the box which i guess implies it sill one day). 3.no tv out or dlna. 4. and ofcourse no ffc which isnt as big as a deal as i once made it. overal the is a solid device its just not for me. Trust me , the device is cool!!

  46. ********************No WiFi Hotspot Tether*************
    the Nexus One Wins again

  47. Lol Nexus One? I definitely agree it was and is still a great performer but in light of all these new devices, there is no way in hell I’m getting that phone. Especially with the known screen [hardware] issues.

  48. Just got mine, it had a projected delivery of Oct 7th!!!! nice job Tmo!

  49. The processor in these puppies is just as fast as a 1GHz processor due to the 1GHz being underclocked so battery life is increased in a few handsets. Lacklustre isn’t the right word it is just to keep costs down, because this isn’t aimed at the top end premium market – that is what the HD is for.

  50. It will be rooted and have tether i no time. :)

  51. I want this phone because of 2 specs, better network, anf froyo out of the box.
    But I can’t wait for triple core Marvell chip clocked @ 1.5 ghz for 1080p content.

    We will probably see a few more 1ghz devices still in the pipeline till q1 2011.

    Ps. What if the cow was on steroids and Was clocked more then 1 ghz then you got yourself a supercow of a performer.

    I phones are cool but we can all agree once you go android you can’t go back!

  52. @Ellessidil – Thanks for your comments, but I still don’t think these MHz fools get it. It’s just like all of the DA’s that think more megapixels on a camera make it better. The 5MP camera on my Vibrant and N1 take far better pictures than the 8MP on the Evo I had and there is plenty of info on the web to back this up. Until battery technology catches up with processor technology you will start to see a lot more phone manufacturers lowering the MHz with little or no sacrifice in speed.

  53. Well if their was 1 year contracts on these phones we can call them fools but waiting for a new phone for 2 years for an upgrade is understandable, choice: upgrade now be stuck with this 800mhz phone for 2 years wile you can wait a few more months and get a dual core clocked over 1 ghz (scorpion chip), or a triple core marvel chip, or a ARM chip coupled with an Nvidia chip, any of these settings will be good for the next 2 years for me. But a single core phone will just lag once aps get more processor hungry and graphically superior. While you enjoy your 5 megapixel camera, ill wait for a better 8 megapixel camera or better that can record 1080p video.

    Just because we want to future proof our devices for next 2 years does not mean we are fools, we just want the best!

  54. i have the G2 & the mytouch 4g. i have also had the Samsung Vibrant, mytouch slide, motorola cliq. by far the best phone is the MYTOUCH 4G. the G2 is good but is lacking many expert features. The mytouch 4G can play any videos posted to FACEBOOK through “Media Room” application. everytime i try to play a video though my android facebook app i get a “sorry, this video cant be played” error. the mytouch 4G opens the video in its Media Room app thus making it very compatible to all video types. I love the G2 for the keyboard but not being to play videos posted to facebook really lacks & sucks!!! my G2 just got the “wifi hot spot” update yesterday. i wish they would update it with MEDIA ROOM!!!!!! i also wish the SAMSUNG VIBRANT came with a FLASH for camera & video. that was the 1 thing that made me return my Vibrant immediately. even though i knew about it b4 hand the pic quality was too bad for dim light.

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