Official Galaxy Tab Hands-On Video Hits YouTube


Not satisfied with hands-on video from hundreds of tech reporters at trade shows trying to get just an ounce of time with the device? Samsung’s sat down with the Galaxy Tab in their own private environment and has taken the liberty of putting their time with the tablet on video. You get nine minutes of pure hands-on footage showing the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab the way they’re meant to be shown. Not much to say here except press the play button and be pleased.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What worries me is all the “dependent on carrier service strategy” crap at the bottom.

  2. impressive i must say

  3. Looks lice. If I didn’t already have an Evo and a laptop I would think about it but for now it’s like a 2.7″ larger version of my Evo.

    I’m looking forward to the tablets and notebooks in a year or two when mine will be getting up there in age. As the tablets keep getting faster and more efficient and the notebooks keep getting more portable, I could see myself replacing the laptop with this thing’s descendant in 2011-2012. Right now it would be overkill for the same reason the iPad is overkill for me. It’s quite a neat device but it’s filling too small a gap to spend $600-800 on one.

  4. Meh…

  5. Obviously I meant “nice” not “lice” in my post above….derp.

  6. Anyone else notice that the battery started full and was pretty much empty after 10 minutes :S

  7. Bill Jobs ?!?

    @ 3:19

  8. i really like this tablet…but it does look like carpel tunnel waiting to happen

  9. Yeah, I noticed the battery and that the GPS wouldn’t lock either, but maybe it was filmed in a brick or concrete building…

    Other than those concerns it looks great and I can’t wait to pay with one before judging it…

  10. Look at the contact list as it is scrolling by @3:18-3:20. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley…nice

  11. Really want that reader app. Wonder if it is a samsung tablet exclusive

  12. No phone capability , No want!!

  13. No Phone and a lot less Memory in the U.S. Model … unlikely I will buy it unless I can get Skype/Fring/Google Voice to work on it?

  14. Haha Bill Jobs, obviously it’s a joke Samsung made for the presentation lol. Nice touches Samsung and Google.

  15. radio,

    The video is 10minutes, it doesn’t mean it has only been used for 10mins. The guy would make mistakes, and had to redo this and that.

    It would be silly to run out of battery in from 10mins use.

  16. I just wish they upgrade that pitiful android market user face smh

  17. Its called editing when the first cut happens it goes from full to 5% less when it cuts back in.

  18. I understand there is editing involved in making a video but lets say it took 4-5 hours of actual tablet use to make all the original footage for the video. That is a fairly short time to kill the battery. Anyways so far the only complaint i have heard from anyone with an android device is battery performance so i’d be sure to “edit” the battery meter in my promo video.

  19. i want that right now. lol. i cant even imagine what motorola is cooking up!

  20. Too bad, I must cut my leg to buy one.

    Oh well, I can live without a tablet for years. It should be OK to wait the Android Gingerbread and HTC Android tablet next year.

  21. No phone? No thanks.

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