Apps Brings Another Cloud Storage Option to Android


Press-Folder-Box-for-Android-Folder-Shared-from-Box.net_ has been growing pretty rapidly since its introduction on the iOS platform. It has racked up over 200,000 downloads since it dropped, and is now looking to gain even more traction with the release of their Android app. What you get is pretty similar to what is already available for the iPhone and iPad, which in turn offers a lot of the same functionality as services like Dropbox.

Access your files from your phone anywhere you go, share and manage content, preview documents and media files, and create links for e-mail others to access content. Of course you can also upload content directly from your Android device. If you have been looking for a cloud storage solution and the current offerings haven’t cut it, or if you are coming from an iOS device with a account already established this one may be worth checking out.


[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Or you could just backup to your machines at home. That way your private stuff stays private. That and you are already paying for everything involved.

  2. Whats the storage limit? With dropbox you only get 2gb for free. I would def switch if offers more space for free.

  3. Guess you don’t get the concept of cloud then.

  4. Dropbox -starts- you with 2gb, but it’s very very easy to pass your referral link around and get up to 10gb very quickly and 100% free. In fact, maybe you should post your link here in case snome people haven’t heard of DropBox until now and want to try it after reading this… hint hint.

  5. 1 GB Free!

  6. What’s the benefit of using these services over google docs, which lets you upload just about any kind of file and has more space, not to mention all the other features you get with the google account (for free) ?

    I’m not trying to knock these, i’m geniunely curious as i’m a new android user and really trying to make the most of it, discovering and implementing new apps into my life every day.


  7. I have 5GB once all of my friends accepted my request to join

  8. Dropbox starts you out with 2GB. If you sign up through this link they’ll give you and extra 250MB as a bonus.

    I’ve been using Dropbox for a few weeks now and it works as advertised.

  9. I use extensively for work, so this is great for me. :)

  10. Banckle File Sharing also supports file sharing and online backup services in the cloud with support of all advanced files storage features. It is reasonably priced, subscriptions starts from only $5 per month with 5 GB storage space and supported file upload size is up to 1GB. File sharing is highly password-protected and SSL encryption is employed while you send or received files. You can sign up for a 30 days free evaluation version and test the app is real time.`

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