Sep 22nd, 2010


Simply releasing a Motorola Droid 2 with internals capable of global roaming probably wouldn’t have done much to differentiate the world device from the D2 currently on Verizon’s shelves, so good thing Big Red decided to give the phone a cosmetic makeover (at least in the color department). This is our first look at what will be the Droid 2 World Edition (or Droid 2 Global or Droid Pro or whatever it may end up being called) with its white casing and silver screen bezel as opposed to the blue and gunmetal of the first Droid 2. Rumor has it this one might replace the first iteration of the Droid 2 outright in VZW’s lineup.

Other than the new colors and roaming capabilities, looks like we will be getting the same exact phone. We more or less expected that, though some were holding out hope for some tweaks in the hardware here and there.

This will be the first world-roaming member of the Droid family and I must say the new look makes this a pretty tempting handset. Hit up the via link below for a couple more images.

[via DroidLife]

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