Verizon’s 10 Reasons You Should Get the Galaxy Tab



While Samsung went ahead and unveiled the Galaxy Tab for all four major carriers in the US, none have dropped any formal release dates or pricing options. That doesn’t mean Verizon isn’t busy whipping up the marketing on this one, and if all the hands-on footage and impressions of the Tab after last night’s launch event weren’t enough to convince you that this is the Android tablet to consider above all others, perhaps these ten bullet points will. Too bad none of them are “You can get it next week” or “It will only cost $200.”

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Really tough to read Kelvin but I’ll take your word the 10 reasons are sound.

  2. Top Reason Not to get a Galaxy Tab: Doesn’t work as a phone in the United States

  3. the only marketing that matters… Price

  4. Only 2gig internal memory? That’s not a very good selling point.

  5. It would be nice if this could share my Internet I pay for on my phone which costs almost as much as my home Internet access (not to mention having to pay for it on my wife’s phone). How many times over do I ‘have’ to pay for Internet access?

  6. Hey @Kevin how about getting a readable version this one is making my eyes bleed.

    @Alan the real question is how many time will you pay for internet access.

    This device is an epic fail on a two year contract. Very few people will pay 10 fold the worth of the device over two years.

    I also wonder if the Verizon version of the Tab will force Bing up your ass.

  7. Here’s my list for you Verizon:

    1. NO WIFI, NO BUY

    2. I don’t want another data plan.

    3. It has 3G, but can’t make phone calls? REALLY??

    4. Another Verizon boneheaded maneuver.

  8. People.
    Step1: Wait until price is revealed
    Step2: Figure out how many months it would take for the subsidized version to cost more than the wifi only version (I know, math is hard)
    Step3: Realize it is cheaper in the long run to fork out a few extra bucks upfront for the wifi only version.
    Step4: Stop bitching(feel free to do this before the first three steps)
    Step5: Profit.

  9. A huge perk of getting a gsm one seems to be obvious :)

  10. call me crazy but if the 1 ghz isnt enough to run live wallpapers smoothly on a phone (same studder on incredible and X when using live wallpapers eww)how is a screen twice as big going to run?

    but then again i havent seen live wallpapers on a galaxy s phone yet (with hummingbird processor) anyone tell me there is a difference?

  11. First of all, if there is no wifi, who would be STUPID enough to buy this??

    besides that issue, the main reason NOT to buy is is a two freakin year contract ant $720 in data bills ON TOp of the current one you may have.


  12. I can only assume Samsung feels they are too big to fail. I only hope this device fails huge so HTC or Asus learn to provide customers with what they want, not what the carriers require. Besides, with WIFI and voice features in it, who needs a carrier??? Or even better, after a month of blazing sales ANY carrier will crawl begging for a 3G version to put on their network.

  13. I wonder if Samsung will show favoritism to carriers like they did with the Galaxy S phones (Epic 4G better than others) Let’s see what Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T will do to custimize the look and specs.Verizon also

  14. What’s with all the NO WIFI.. comments ? .. pretty sure it will have WIFI.. it’s just that it will ALSO have 3G.. You tell some people that there is not a “WIFI only” version “yet”, and suddenly everyones claiming there is no WIFI on all of them.. sheesh… If I’m wrong, I’ll feel like a dolt.. but I doubt it.

  15. Hi,

    Right from Samsung’s website

    What Makes the GALAXY Tab Truly Mobile?

    With 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® 3.0, the Samsung GALAXY Tab takes mobile communication to a whole new level. By combining Samsung innovation with the Android OS 2.2, the Tab is truly an always on communication and entertainment tool. Its large battery (4,000 mAh) provides more than 7 hours of movie viewing time and because it’s powered by a Cortex A8 1.0GHz application processor, it’s designed to deliver high performance.


    Um DUH


  16. @ viper1549

    The hummingbird processor has fastest GPU in the industry. live wall paper is ultra smooth on it. No worries.

  17. the companies are selling us more and more crap we dont need!! smh

  18. By your comments it truly makes me wonder how many of you read before you post.

    It is simply another OPTION for the consumer and an additional source of revenue for a corporation. The key word being OPTION. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It truly is as simple as that.

  19. In My opinion i think this model will take good part of the market as a lot of people who like samsung and need something special like iPad will buy it

    best reason of all xD

  21. Yeah, were did the assumption come from about no wifi?

    Folks, wait for the wifi only version:

    1. No two year contract
    2. No double data fee (if already have a data line)
    3. 16gb and 32gb options
    4. Better total pricing

    Catch is we will be lucky to see then before December or longer, depending on how much money carriers ponied up.

  22. Seriously, point number 6 specifically says that you can do video chat over WIFI. Don’t know where you guys are getting that there’s no WIFI on the unit…. If this unit is capable of making regular phone calls, even if a headset is required, I would consider it. I barely use my phones to make phone calls anyway.

  23. reading these comments here make me realize how many people hate verizon for running a bussines check around data fees in general are pretty comparable from company to company. Coverage is the main difference AT&T works no where in my area…if it did who knows..what i’d be using.

  24. Is it a phone or not?

  25. Actually, it is less hate and more of incredulity and is indigenous to their carrier. Point being with this device, it is stupid to assume people will be dumb enough to pay for two data lines and contracts when they can simply buy the wifi only version.

    Unless you do not have an Android device already (or a older G1 level device), buying this is whack.

  26. It’s (obviously) not from Apple: This tablet is powered by iOS’ number 1 rival right now, the Android platform (version 2.2, or “Froyo”). And even though comparisons have been made about Samsung’s proprietary user interface, TouchWiz, looking like iOS to some degree, there are some distinct differences — like custom widgets and features, such as Daily Briefing and Social Hub. (These put news, weather and social networking updates right on the homescreen. No iOS device does that.)
    It is not too big for your pocket, unlike the iPad: The GTab has a 7-inch display (vs. the Apple tablet’s 9.7 inches), and the TFT technology renders colors beautifully. The gadget’s form factor is also roughly half the size and weight of the Apple tablet. (The Samsung tablet’s 12-mm thickness may feel thicker, but it’s actually slightly skinnier than the 13.5-mm depth of the iPad. I think this is a trick of design, since the iOS device domes out on the back and gets slimmer at the edges, to make it feel really thin in the hands.) The tablet is 13 ounces, or about the weight of a can of soda, vs. the iPad’s 1.6 pounds (Wifi+3G model).
    It doesn’t overlook the camera; there are two, in fact: The rear cam is 3.2 MP and the front-facing one is 1.6 MP. Although the rear camera isn’t exactly a powerhouse, it’s still better than none at all (as with the iPad). The big intention with dual cams is clearly video chat. The Galaxy Tab does not have its own native version of FaceTime, but it does work well with Qik, a third-party vid chat app that made huge news for being featured on the HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Epic 4G.
    It’s certainly not any slower than the iOS tablet: It boasts a 1GHz A8 cortex Hummingbird application processor. In addition to 16 GB of storage space, which is on par with the base model iPad, the Tab also has 512 MB of RAM — twice what the Apple gadget offers.
    It doesn’t block Adobe Flash: The Galaxy tablet fully supports Adobe Flash 10.1 for games and videos, which is a point that was mentioned several times at the media presentation. The Samsung tablet actually seems to run Flash pretty well. It wasn’t seamless (the video was a little choppy), but it was far better than those glitchy, laggy usage scenarios we’ve seen of it running on a Nexus One. (Is it that Flash 10.1 is just not a great experience yet on any mobile platform? Or was it the overwhelmed Wifi signal at the press briefing that impacted streaming? Hard to say. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.)
    It won’t make you wait to load/buffer vids: The Galaxy Tab has an instant streaming feature that lets users start watching a video, even if it’s not finished loading.
    It doesn’t require manually loading multimedia: It hooks into Samsung’s new Media Hub, a cloud-based entertainment resource for renting/buying TV shows and movies. (And, of course, if you’ve got an Amazon account, you can still use that.) So iOS users may have iTunes rentals and purchases, but it looks like GTab users won’t be lacking either.
    It doesn’t limit your memory: 16GB pre-installed microSD storage via a slot that supports up to 32 GB. (Do I need to say it? Apple iPad has no microSD card slots at all.)
    It doesn’t drain too readily: Samsung says its tablet can offer 7 hours of video playback. (Apple, however, claims the iPad can offer up to 10 hours.)
    It won’t stop you from using the latest software: Android 2.2, or “Froyo,” will arrive on Samsung Tab. Apple’s iPad, however, will have been waiting for more than 6 months to get the latest software (iOS 4) by the time it finally becomes available to them in November.
    It isn’t going to tie you down to one carrier: The Galaxy Tab will be offered by all four major carriers: T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. (No exclusivities here, unlike other Apple offerings.) However, there won’t be a Wifi-only model (at launch, at least), so for the time being, it seems that a carrier-supported tablet may very well be the only way to go.

    Heres a run down from phonedog

  27. Could you stop to talk about this fucking “tablet” ?
    Almost all recents articles are about the Galaxy Tab, stop guys !

  28. 24. rushmore wrote on September 18, 2010

    Actually, it is less hate and more of incredulity and is indigenous to their carrier. Point being with this device, it is stupid to assume people will be dumb enough to pay for two data lines and contracts when they can simply buy the wifi only version.
    Unless you do not have an Android device already (or a older G1 level device), buying this is whack.

    Ahhh, understood.

  29. rushmore – people are stupid enough to buy this before the WI-Fi only version comes out. Big Red and Sammy know it. Look at the growth rate of Android. They all can’t be informed consumers. There are a lot of people buying simply because Android is cool. There are also a lot of tech chasers that have to have the latest and greatest with the biggest specs… and then, there’s the looming cult following similar to Apple’s.
    “There’s a sucker born every minute” – P.T. Barnum

  30. So perhaps we can all just conclude to wait for the wifi only versions, since they should have more built-in storage and no contract.

    I thought the WO version would be a lot later, but apparently the expectation is it will come out close to the same time.

    October the launch time?

  31. True Rob, but the amount of actual discretionary income will also dictate how stupid a person can be…. wait, a minute, that lack of concept is a reason why the housing market crashed in 2008… Nevermind ;)

  32. i’m going to wait for the wifi only version, have no use for this as a phone or using a 3G connection….
    however, i feel like waiting for q1 2011 will result in some excellent alternatives on the market, and i’ll probably end up buying something else…it’s a tough decision for the carriers and sammy…milk suckers for all their worth, or increase your competitive edge.


  34. I hope Samsung is getting the vibe

    Simply by looking above

    1. It is overpriced
    2. It is crippled by the carrier

    Oh well, there should be 20 more tablets in 6 months, we will talk then

  35. If the price is right & if data is it’s main reason it wouldn’t be so bad to own considering my D2 (which I Bluetooth with)can than be the back up while I’m online with the Tab. The only problem is it’s 1st Gen… so again it’s still wait & see.

    Here’s one article with more info about the tab & it’s carriers, something that should be read.

  37. does it have a USB port? If so, someone is going to write a app to use with tether on your phone or just wireless tether i.e. only 1 data plan.

  38. VZW – Does it come with Bing?

  39. Does it have one piece of SW written specifically for it? IPAD is successful because of the SW available for it from day one. If this thing just runs the same android apps from market; it will be a big Fail. Nobody wants or needs a 7″ android phone.

  40. there are some seriously ignorant people here. all the wifi talk has been settled. but wow, why don’t you folks read next time maybe.
    all of these people talking about being forced into a contract like verizon is some kind of slave driver… Pay retail price for it, and dont have a contract for crying out loud. i love the people that want a device for less than what verizon pays, but they dont want to make or stick to a commitment. the mobile providers dont make money selling devices. they make money selling service. it’s hardly fair to bash them for asking you to sign a contract when you pay less than half of what they pay for a device.
    and people talking about not wanting to pay for data… DONT BUY ONE FROM A MOBILE PROVIDER! you do realize verizon’s business is to provide service, right? if you dont want that service, dont buy it. pretty simple.

    last, it has bluetooth. download skype, and bam, you got a phone.
    hey, it’s not for everyone, but i dont get all the bashing. it amazes me that people agree to contractual terms, then act like they were forced into them.
    this tab wont be for everyone. just like smartphones arent for everyone, and just like mobile broadband isnt for everyone.

  41. Considering how much Big Red is always advertising the 3G tethering, you’d think they would want to make this into some kind of a deal.

  42. I work for Verizon, and can tell you that it does come with SW specifically made just for it, along side VZW only apps as well. And as far as data plans go, we have never heard ANYTHING about changing the data plans, that has purely been RUMOR, the only thing they have ever told us, is that when 4G comes out that the data plans MAY change.

  43. They all have wifi. I will wait for the none wireless company version to come out and I might snag that one up. But right now I see no need to get this with 3g when your android phone can provide the internet for this device. Why pay for two 3g data plans when you’ll carry this and your phone with you. Heck why even buy this when its the same thing you already have but with a bigger screen.

    Ill wait it out and see how it goes.

  44. @common sense… oh naw if its a nice device id buy it. only if i can use it as a phone also. i love using google voice . it would be great to use it as phone to with the same sim i use with my mobile phone. does anyone know if this device can used a PHONE with your regular sim card?

  45. Phone function has been removed from the US version for all carriers.

  46. if i get the wifi version.. will i still be able to use google navigation? i can use my droid as a hotspot for the tab. =]

  47. call me crazy, but I thought Froyo wasn’t designed to run on tablets? I thought that was what gingerbread was for? Because everyone is throwing on 2.2 and 2.1 on these tablets but they’re not designed for that? I could be wrong….

  48. I was in a Verizon store the other day, and one of the sales guys was reading off the specs from their system. He said it would make phone calls.


  50. Ok so I got a new Verizon Samsung Galaxy.. I would just like to know why the front camera doesn’t work? there is nothing in the settings to switch from back to front camera and I have heard that verizon unauthorized it? im SO confused y would they put it ther if you cant use it???

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