Samsung Galaxy Tab Already Being Offered for Pre-Order


We haven’t heard much concrete information regarding the Galaxy Tab’s pricing up until now, but one retailer – Cell Hut (who seems to be based out of the US) – is ready to start offering the device for pre-order for $699.99 (after a $100 instant discount.) This model is for use on GSM and HSDPA networks (T-Mobile and AT&T here in the states, and pretty much every carrier in Europe), though I still can’t make out who this retailer is for the life of me. Whoever they are, they know something that other retailers don’t and will apparently be the first to offer the GSM version whenever Samsung’s ready to unleash it. I know a majority of you won’t be biting at this price, but it’s always good know.

galaxy tab cell hut preorder

[via Android Tablets]

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  1. 699 isnt gonna cut it. It had to be cheaper, much cheaper than the Ipad. And not in quality!!! 399 or 499 with contract sounds right

  2. Wait, it supports both T-Mobile and AT&T radios?

  3. No, only AT&T as there is no support for the 1700 MHz band

  4. This won’t work with T-Mo’s 3G which uses AWS 1700/2100 MHz. However, it will work with their 2G GSM/EDGE network. T-Mo has this problem with most GSM standard devices as their 3G network is unique and requires exclusive devices.

  5. @atv360, the $699 price is unsubsidized. Samsung employees have gone ob record saying the device will cost around $300 with a contract

  6. 400 without contract please. =] lol

  7. FUCK. A. CONTRACT!!!! $700 is insanely expensive and it will not sell. I would pay no more than $400 for a tablet with a measily 7″ screen. A 10″ should fetch $500. My God Apple actually got the pricing right.

  8. I’ll buy one at that price (obviously, lower would be better).

    Beats the hell out of the iPad 3G for what I want to use it for, and *still* less expensive.

    And just as an FYI, that’s about the same retail price I paid for my imported European Galaxy S phone back in early July, and that one didn’t have 850 3G. :)

  9. No thank you. For it to be remotely interesting, it has to be way cheaper than that. Preferably below $400.

    Samsung, try releasing a model without the 3G modem — I am sure many of us don’t want/need it (we can tether or simply use Wifi) and we don’t want to fork over even more cash every month to a wireless provider.

  10. To compare this with iPad and say that it has to be cheaper that the cheapest iPad (@629 for wifi + 3G) is not fare in my opinion.

    This is a far superior device compared to iPad. This is half the weight of iPad + 2 cameras + far better graphics and better CPU overall + Flash + removable memory support. It can support augmented reality + conferencing ++++ a lot more. This is in fact the first tablet which meets most of the requirements of such a device. Of course on paper Notion Inks Adam is the one with most complete specs.

    Just the size of screen does not make a device better. If that was the case you would not be paying even 500 for iPad. There are more powerful laptops (not Netbooks!) with bigger screens for less that $400 available today.

  11. My god. Over priced and too small. Both variables are skewed in the wrong direction compared to the iPad. Have to go with the iPad – larger screen and lower price.

  12. Uh oh! Retards alert! Retards alert, class! This price is for an UNSUBSIDIZED device! Learn your terms before going on and spewing how this is WAY more expensive than apples pad.

  13. @Alex…
    The iPad is unsubsidized as well..

    This is only $70 more expensive than the iPad 16GB+3G. For that, you get cameras, expandable memory, twice the RAM, reportedly a better GPU, smaller screen yet more portable/lighter with I imagine easier two thumb typing while standing. It will likely be cheaper at some other retailers when it becomes more widely available…first isn’t likely to be the cheapest…closing the gap on the iPad.

  14. wow !!!!
    in asia when release at store ??

  15. Samsung is out of their mind.. pffft…

    C’mon.. an iPAD is cheaper.. why the HECK would I buy this 7inch crap!

  16. What the hell people – what do you want? When the iPad came out everyone complained that it didn’t have a camera, didn’t have this, didn’t have that….and now you can get a device that DOES have it, and instead you bitch about the price. Get real! This has WAAAAAYYY more features than the iPAD!


  17. WOW! Samsung is awesome!

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