Verizon Drumming Up to Android 2.2 for the Droid X?


We know Verizon and Motorola has plans to bring Android 2.2 to all of you 4.3-inch Droid-loving folks, but until now Verizon’s kept quiet on the status of its ETA. A few leaks here and there seemed to put us closer to an official rollout, but Verizon and Motorola didn’t acknowledge them outside of warning against installing them (urging that if you install the unfinished builds, there’d be no way to get the official OTA out to you unless you revert to the stock 2.1 firmware).


Something quite interesting has popped up today, though: a hidden page that suggests Verizon’s getting ready to push this upgrade live any day now. The page was created just as the past weekend kicked off, though it doesn’t feature much substance. It lists the stand-out features for Android 2.2 – including Adobe Flash Player – as well as something you might not want to see: “tons of shortcuts.” The page urges you to visit the Droid X’s support site for more information on the upgrade to Android 2.2, but as of the time of this being published there is still nothing there outside of the usual.

So we know they’re preparing, but the question still remains: when? Remember, Summer doesn’t officially end for another week and some change so their initial target window for the firmware’s release is right around the corner. We’ll keep an eye out for any more details.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Yea they’ll prop push it on the last day of summer

  2. ……… I’m still not getting excited till I ACTUALLY see the update on my X.

  3. It’s late summer alright.

  4. Can’t really argue here…

  5. As much as I’m looking forward to Froyo, I’m going to be cautious before I upgrade. I just got my DX looking just how I like it with LauncherPro and Beautiful Widgets, and the battery is lasting me several days. I want to make sure this update makes things better and doesn’t screw it all up by throwing a bunch of extra junk on my phone.

  6. Your battery lasts several days? How? I’d love to get my battery lasting that long. It lasts about 12 hours with moderate use, and I’ve got sync, wi-fi, and bluetooth off. Really wish I could get more out of it.

  7. Just glad it’s coming at some point. I’m getting ready to switch over to Verizon from AT&T and was planning to go with the Droid X and all it’s goodness.

  8. To be fair to Motorola, their upgrade page has said “late summer” since the phone was released, so until Sept. 22, they’re still on schedule.

  9. @Matt
    The std battery is really good in this phone regardless…

  10. I’ve never seen an official document from Verizon, or any other carrier for that matter, mention the Google code name for the update. In this document, you clearly see the word “Froyo”. I call bullshit!

  11. The standard battery is terrible.

  12. My battery lasts on average between 50 and 60 hours with moderate use. Your problem isn’t wifi being on, it’s wifi being off. Connect to every wifi you can and instead of using 3G and your battery will last a LOT longer without using any other sort of tweaking software.

  13. #10: I call bullshit on your bullshit. The wording seems appropriate to me.

  14. i can’t wait to see changes!!!!!

  15. My Droid X freezes all the time. I have the replacement device and it still freezes. So just Verizon/Motorola quit f***ing around and push the update and hopefully it will fix some of the freezing issues. Wish I still had my original droid. Went bye bye in the toilet.

  16. I’m guessing that if this is a “real” document, it was “leaked” just to cool the heat that they’re getting a little. They probably knew this would unbunch all of our panties.

  17. I just received email instructions from Verizon for upgrading my Droid X to Froyo !

    Looks like the roll-out starts now !

  18. I just received the same email instructions….but no update push yet….they say it will push in waves…I’m sure I’ll be in the last push.

  19. Anyone get the update yet?

  20. How true is Verizon and Motorola has plans to bring Android 2.2 to all of you 4.3-inch?Actually I`m not familiar with this Verizon thats why I want to know more about Verizon.

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