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We’re a couple of days late on this coming off of the weekend, but LauncherPro Plus has been updated on Saturday to add Facebook support as developer Federico Carnales hoped it’d be out before the week expires. This comes just a week after he added a Twitter widget which is now part of a duo waiting for their third wheel: Twitter and Facebook combined, ala FriendStream.


There are a couple of perks with the Facebook widget due to the service being more than just a timeline of posts. Firstly, it has two views – news feed and wall – which will show you everything coming in from your friends and everything going straight to your wall, respectively. You’re also able to see comments on status, comment on and like statuses and other comments, and post a new status update of your own, of course.

Go ahead and grab the update now from the market or from the LauncherPro website, and look forward to yet another “very cool new feature” that Federico thinks his customers will like. If you use LauncherPro and haven’t already purchased the Plus version, what’s wrong with you?

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  1. I haven’t purchased the plus version cause it isn’t available through the market. If it were available through the market, I would have owned it months ago.

    Come on Federico, make this available through the market. You can even charge me more. I don’t care.

    I prefer to use the market for two reasons:

    a. It’s more convenient

    b. When I upgrade my phone, I don’t want to be constantly digging around trying to find the code or other information that you emailed me.

  2. @C It is not in the market because Federico does not live in a country that supports paid apps. It is not his fault, but the fault of Google. Though I too would rather wait until its on the Market before upgrading.

  3. He can’t put it on the market because the country he lives in doesn’t allow paid apps yet.

  4. I updated this on Saturday and I love it, this is the best facebook widget available!

  5. Buying “Plus” version is just really a PayPal transaction. As soon as you pay, Fede will send you an unlock key that you can put directly into LauncherPro and you will immediately reap the benefits. Also, once you put the code in, any updates from the market still keep the Plus benefits. There really isn’t a reason not to pay the $3, unless you truly cannot afford it.

    In Google’s defense, it’s not entirely their fault, but also the fault of the country where he resides.

  6. @C Just pay for it, it doesn’t look like his country is getting paid apps soon.

  7. C. Once unlocked you dont have to get another key. As

  8. great great work this guys is going to get a job soon by one of the manufactures guaranteed. Great work pal love it!

  9. It’s beautiful! Now, if only Federico can add upload features on it… I know it will happen eventually, but I’m just saying…

    Great job!

  10. Ed –

    My point is that if I start buying apps via paypal, every time I upgrade my phone (buy a new one or completely wipe the firmware, I will need to dig up this key. When I upgraded to from my Hero to the Nexus One, all I had to do was download all my old apps, except for CoPilot.

    I didn’t mean every software update.

  11. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for a decent app.

  12. I agree that LauncherPro should be on the Market.
    PayPal only is archaic.
    Plus, they don’t need to know what I’m doing with my phone.

  13. All you people whining about buying it off PayPal are just making excuses and just plain CHEAP. It doesn’t take long and is well worth the money! I agree that his Facebook widget is by far the best you can get for on Android, that in it self is worth the $3. It truly is an amazing app.

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